Has anyone switched from NPH to a 70/30 insulin & had higher BS?

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if you switch from Humulin N 30 u to Novolin 70/30 40 u [2 times a day] and eat the same can you expect your Blood Glucose's to rise significantly? nothing has changed, if any thing less stress. Morning Blood Sugars ok 85-112. bedtime BS more often than not above 140. I try to eat my big meal at 12 to 3 and have vegies and tuna for dinner between 6 and 8 and I never check my BS until at least 4 hours after I eat. I tried taking insulin 2 hours after I eat without much change in BS. I tried not eating a snack last night because my BS was 179 just had a tsp. peanut butter and 4 oz Oj [was all I had] that was about 11 pm I awoke at 430 totally out of it and by 5 finally had sense enough to test…51…OJ and tuna salad with 4 crackers. its been 12 days since the switch in insulin. tonight I had a small dinner around 6 and did my BS at 1045 161…the last 12 days its been as low as 123 and as high as 179. i know its not real high but i have had up to now almost 1/2 my BS less than 70. Been testing less to conserve supplies until my Insurance gets around to sending me my new meter and strips. Any advice, hints…what did you do or know someone did…I am at a loss. I have my 1st follow up A1C and fear this last 2 weeks will mess it up…color me puzzled and worried. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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