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When you eat sugar its bad for your pancreas that means ur not helping your selph and u will proabrally have to take alot of insuling, hospital, orur blood will be wacko that is all.

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MrsCDogg 2011-06-17 18:49:52 -0500 Report

Good thing we have such knowlegable people to keep all us diabetics on the straight and narrow. Don't know what I'd do otherwise!!

marla50 2011-06-17 09:30:29 -0500 Report

My recent stay in the hospital, I met a mother of two diabetic children and she told me a totally different story. She's a nurse also. I also witnessed two diabetic children at my daughters school. Sugar is not the enemy. Now they are letting these kids eat what ever they want,as long as they take the insulin to cover it. They ate cupcakes right in front of me! I was blown away! Having it for 45 yrs,I'm sticking with the old school way. No sugar.

ston3xc 2011-06-16 20:15:34 -0500 Report

Here is how I explained diabetes to my grandson a few years ago when he saw me take an insulin shot,
Eating sugar does not cause diabetes, Having a pancreas that does not work properly is the cause.
The pancreas is like a soldier's barracks. The proper term for sugar in the blood is glucose. When we eat things that turn into glucose, the insulin soldiers come out and whisk the glucose bad guys away and take them where they belong. That's what a normal pancreas does.
People with diabetes either have not enouth soldiers to get all the glucose bad guys ( why some of us take insulin shots ) or they need a kick in the pants to get going ( the people who take oral meds ).
That seemed to explain it to him in terms he could better understand.

jayabee52 2011-06-16 18:15:34 -0500 Report

Dear Anonymous
doesn't it depend on what type (t1 or t2) of person with diabetes you are?

What happens to one's pancreas when one eats sugar depends on the type one is. Needless to say we would be wise no matter what type, to avoid things sweetened with sugar or having a high glycemic index

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