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Diagnosed 5/27 w/ Type 2. A1c 7.2, average BS 160. I was told to use diet/exercise. So started healthy eating, watching carbs, portion control. AM sugars the first week or so were 132-138, after meals 126-138…never even close to the 160..not even the next morning after my dr appt. Not really sure how those happened! Then started seeing some 125's and 118 and some 126's. Then a few 115,116,120,110. This week its been 100,99, 118, 106 in the morning and about 106-110 after meals. I feel like I'm headed in the right direction but so SCARED that they will shoot the other direction…like its too good to be true. I even checked on two different monitors a couple of times! My doc has given me from 5/27 until mid August to see what I can do w/ diet/exercise before looking at meds. I sooo want to avoid those if at all possible. I've lost about 18 lbs which is amazing to me becuse I am eating more than I ever have..just the right foods this time and adding exercise. Do you think if I can have my BS's in the 100-110 range in mornings and a A1c of 6 or less, my doc will hold off on meds? Hopefully this will all help my cholersterol/trig and CRP(that was really high!)..I want to be around for another 40 years (i'M44) with my husband/grandkids and be somewhat healthy and enjoy life and I am soooo petrified that this disease is not going to let that happen. I feel nauseous when I actually think about it or look at myself in a mirror. I feel like I'm different/changed..not in a good way-defective. I keep thinking of all the possible complications and I just cry and get physically sick! I need to figure out everything in my power to avoid those for me and my family. I have GOT TO MAKE ME better, healthier. Just writing this is making me cry which is so stupid but its because I am letting myself think about it. I feel like its taking over my like, my husband's life-which he has not complained. I know he is scared too-has expressed that also but has been so helpful and supportive! I feel like I am understanding the "food" part of this but struggling so much emotionally..repeating myself..I am so scared, scared for myself but also for my family.

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jayabee52 2011-06-16 18:57:34 -0500 Report

I can't speak for you Dr. but in my mind your numbers look EXCELLENT and if he is a good Dr he should not put you on meds. It seems what you're doing is WORKING for you. Please be comforted in that.

Praying that you keep up with what you're doing and that it continues to work for you.


majikinfl 2011-06-16 15:31:14 -0500 Report

I am a nurse and have many of the feelings you are experiencing. I have to tell myself its not the end of the world, friends I have made here keep telling me that too. You will be alright, Just keep doing what you are doing, seems you have a handle on the food and I am guessing the exercise…maybe add 10 mins a day to your exercise time, just watch the carbs and try to stop worrying…stress is also your enemy…does me in I know. Smile and do fun things with your family more often and you will be able to keep a smile…best wishes…Polly

Harlen 2011-06-16 15:07:40 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
I am so sorry your feeling this way
Your #s look good your doing fine I got to work hard to keep my #'s that good
Dont feel bad you didnt do anything to make this happen to you If you get D you where always going to get D.
Your going to be ok
Hugs and best wishes

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