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Started 2011-06-14 21:55:30 -0500

Today I have had some of the best bg numbers I've had in a while but at the same time I'm feeling depressed. I'm beginning to hate having to watch what I eat all the time. I feel that there is very little of what I really love that I can eat any more. I know this will pass but for tonight I will have to kjust sufer through the mood.

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Edward R. Strachan
Edward R. Strachan 2011-06-18 16:02:46 -0500 Report

Always consult you doctor…I handle the depression by having a cheat meal once a week, hamburger, pizza, real ice cream milkshake…ask your doctor first about cheat meals…and ask how to adjust insulin for cheat meal…Good luck my friend…it's a tough battle, but you CAN do it…LOVE & PEACE!

rij061258 2011-06-19 00:46:37 -0500 Report

Thanks. I'm through the mood. I don't take any meds so cheating is hard for me because I have to deal with the effects after. If my BS goes over about 220 I get real shakey. So I have to becareful what I cheat with and stay below 200. But for now the crisis is averted.

susiemaeemily 2011-06-16 19:57:59 -0500 Report

At times I feel that way, but lately I am beginning to realiize that a diabetic diet is not much different than any other healthy diet. More and More they are speaking of the dangers of sugar for everyone. Low carb diets are preferred for weight loss. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of the food pyramid not just for diabetics. So, the fact that I test in the morning encourages me to eat better and with the added incentive I don't struggle as much with that as I see non diabetics. Instead of suffering, realize the ways that you have been blessed.

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-06-17 14:27:40 -0500 Report

The strange thing is, that I love fruits and veggies, especially veggies, but when I was told I couldn't have certain things anymore, the more I wanted them. Geeze, I don't know. I guess I just didn't like being told no. Thankfully I am doing better now, It does get easier, but there are still times I find myself craving something I cant have. I have learned so much from others here at DC who have simular problems, and how they deal with it. And that helps me sooooo much. Take Care, and thanks for posting this discussion.

helen7898 2011-06-15 23:03:34 -0500 Report

I felt the same why when I first found out a few months ago. What can I eat when my friends are all eating all this good stuff. I just learned to look at every package in the store now andI cook more fresh food.. I have found good recipes, but if you are picky then you need to learn to eat what you like in moderation. i found if I want it i am going to have to eat it then and get it out of my system or i will want it for several days and then get depressed because 't have it. When I eat it once then I am good for awhile without thinking of it. It helps me also to go on here cause I am a nite eater and I know I shouldn't eat so it helps me to go to this site and read everyones comments. Hang in there It does get better and you will learn to be able to eat something that is forbiddon in moderation. I usually eat it in the morning or mid afternoon and then drink water and exercise. Get yourself a hobby and stay active. Good Luck, Helen

Tender Tips
Tender Tips 2011-06-17 00:40:01 -0500 Report

Good advice, Helen! I too get on this site at night; reading the discussions is very inspiring and helps me resist snacking! I also plan a treat every day and build it into my carb count. We can eat anything-just not all the time. And it is a drag sometimes…

MoeGig 2011-06-15 19:07:09 -0500 Report

After 46 years of Type 1, I avoid "the blues" by focusing on only one task: minimize carbs. All the other stuff, I eat & enjoy…including heavy cream, bacon, beef, veggies (not corn or potatoes), martinis, wine (not sweet), etc. OK, no pasta, desserts, etc. If I cheat, I eat some fruit, but don't drink the juice. In other words, eat an orange, but don't drink Orange Juice, etc. I don't try, at all, to avoid fats or protein; and guess what, my Cholesterol is at an all time low…152. You can't fight every battle…as a diabetic, the only one worth fighting is minimizing carbs. For specific ideas check out my link:

nzingha 2011-06-15 17:50:32 -0500 Report

now that my diabetes is full blown.. here's what i've done and i'd like to share.. 1got the idea here 2 and it works.. find a diabetes partner and do things together.. we go swimming in the mornings now.. 3 times a week.. i walk the others by myself.. we send messages.. our #s.. whats for dinner breakfast etc…the swimming is the best idea .. then we go our sep ways for work.. we bb each other if we r not sure about how we should be feeling.. so get a real live d partner and it makes a big diff.. its good to be on DC but nothing beats the good old face to face real way of connecting with a living live human being who talks back to u.. in words!

rij061258 2011-06-15 18:02:00 -0500 Report

Sounds like a really great idea but I don't know anyone near me that is having to deal with this. While on vacation we will be visiting my brother-in-law and I plan on talking to him about how he deals with it while we are there. He was diagnoised just a few months before me and it controling his with diet and excerise.

nzingha 2011-06-15 19:47:02 -0500 Report

again I say…nothing beats the person to person interaction…go to places where u can meet people and take it from there.. do they have diabetic group meetings anywhere near u.. Kiwanis, social clubs..people.. people.. people..people need people not just those in cyberspace..?

cheetah1976 2011-06-15 14:04:51 -0500 Report

I feel the same way a lot. It can get very depressing even when you count carbs and excecise and your bg stays high. Will be praying for you. This too shall pass. Have a blessed day.

pkwillhoite 2011-06-15 13:22:32 -0500 Report

I read all the posts from every one and they all make really good comments… I feel that way a lot and its sad. I read all the posts and it makes me feel better because they know exactly what I am feeling at any time. That is why I am on here a lot and it really makes things better. Vent all you want because it really helps. Hope things are better very soon! We all know what your talking about…

GabbyPA 2011-06-15 12:55:14 -0500 Report

Venting here can always help. Sometimes when you see it in black and white it doesn't seem so bad. I hope you made it through and remember how you overcame it, because it will come back. It gets easier to deal with, but it can through you for a loop every once in a while.

jladytiger1979 2011-06-15 12:03:53 -0500 Report

Hope you are doing a little better today! I know what you mean. I have "temper tantrums" with myself sometimes and unfortunately it does spill over sometimes. I sometimes feel like this isn't fair! I'm an adult and I should be able to eat what I want! Sometimes I feel like my weightloss isn't fast enough and I'm going to be fat forever! Or jeeez I'll never be that size. Or people must think I'm disgusting! Then after a day or 2 of pity party I realize that I've gotta get back into my life. It happens to us ALL! EVERYONE! If I absolutely have to give in I try to do it as health as possible. (I buy one of those TINY tubs of Ben & Jerrys - like 24 carbs) or eat 15 peanut M&Ms. Sometimes I can exercise out my anger at myself. Sometimes not. If I do want sushi, I go get it…with whole wheat rice instead of white (I'm lucky to have that option here). You can be bad in a good way! Don't eliminate everything. Want bacon? Eat 1 strip of pork bacon. Eat turkey bacon. Want steak? Get a better cut! Want pizza? Make a healthy pizza for yourself! I HATE using the word diet to describe what I do! I enjoy things I like but I am smart about it and crack down on portion control. Some of it I don't even crave anymore. Also, Make changes SLOWLY! Don't dump strict diet changes, medication/insulin and heavy exercise on yourself at once. Look, EXERCISE is 2 4 letter words put together! EECK! I've been going through finding something fun to do. I get bored quickly or can't find something motivating to do!! I TRY though. It doen't get done everyday. Especially sometimes when I am in a funk. I have had health issues my whole life. AND I have DEFINTELY wondered WHY ME??!! If you ever need to talk, thats what we are here for :-)

Also, my doctor told me that BG #s can affect you for up to 2 weeks- a month later. Another thought is that your body is kicking out that bad stuff!

What I'm trying to say is that even though when ya get in the FUNK you CAN make it out to the other side! <3

dmax32 2011-06-15 08:00:20 -0500 Report

I do understand and get the same way myself! I am trying to loose weight now to maybe try and control myself with diet only but for now I am on two oral medications. The restrictions are hard especially since my family can eat different things. I get cranky when I had a stressful day and want a slice or two of pizza or sushi.

Lately my back has been hurting and I lost 30 pounds… I was so used to carrying the weight around my body is adjusting to the changes and I don't like the feeling> I know this will pass but adjust my numbers and watching my food and being in more pain with less weight is hard to deal with all at once. I am trying to get through it with a smile but as I told my husband some days my cracks show because I am not perfect.


Harlen 2011-06-15 07:03:46 -0500 Report

We all have ben there and go there all the time .
Any time you lose a freedom it feels bad and we dont like it
it's ok to feel that way
Best wishes

keepitreal1961 2011-06-14 23:16:16 -0500 Report

god job ruth, even though I have been just diagnosed with type 2 two weeks ago. I am a newbie at this. I still haven't received a meter to see what my levels are yet. My doctor set me up with the Joplin clinic locally, however, they will not get me in until Aug. 4th. I am lost other than joining this site a week ago. I have started doing things that have been advised. I no longer eat my favorite dishes, Fried chicken, french fries, ribeye steaks with fat on the edges. I walk twice a day. Until I recieve anything from connect (meter with strips) my doctor was of really no help. I am scared, because of the drastic lifestyle change. I don't know what to do or where my levels are. So I am not sure if it is working, but I have noticed losing some weight already. Again, congratulations on your numbers. i do watch what I eat, smaller portinos and have totally eliminated sugar for now, until I see what my levels are and what I can have.

Type1Lou 2011-06-15 08:11:26 -0500 Report

OMG! I'd be LOST without my meter and never leave home without it! After 35+ years with this disease, I've learned that carbs are the key…the fewer I eat, the better my BG numbers. LEARN, learn, learn as much as you can. A turning point for me was reading Dr. Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution". There are many great books out there and your local library probably has them. Early on, I also subscribed to ADA's Diabetes Forecast. This site is a GREAT resource! Welcome to the community and know that you are not alone in your struggle. Wishing you the strength to make the right decisions!

rij061258 2011-06-14 23:26:48 -0500 Report

I was in your shoes when I was first diagnoised in dec. Didn't get meter until feb and it was feb before I attended classes too. I was lost until I found this site. The people here are great. The will try to answer any questions you may have. They really helped me a lot. Good luck to you.

keepitreal1961 2011-06-16 01:15:49 -0500 Report

thank you, feeling better since I am already losing weight. I was told by doctor to bring in readings in a month, hard to do without a meter to read it. I'll be fine I am sure, just glad I found this site that others share,thanks again

1creekindian 2011-06-18 14:13:01 -0500 Report

you can get your doctore to prescribe you a meter, (some give you one), and your insurance will pay for it. or just go purchase one. and who knows if you lose the weight, you may not have a problem any longer, just will have to watch what and how much you eat, which is better than going on meds. praying for the later for you. :0)

keepitreal1961 2011-06-18 15:34:21 -0500 Report

thank you, I responded to one from this sight, expecting it in 8-10 days. i've lost 2.5 so far——slow going but sure.

jayabee52 2011-06-14 22:51:38 -0500 Report

I'm sorry you're feeling like this, Ruth. That can be one of the toughest things with which a person with diabetes (PWD) has to deal.

That's often why PWDs go into denial (was for me at least).

Can you do an activity which is fun and/or really excites you? Perhaps a little distraction is in order. What gets your blood pumping? (For me it is dancing) Go out and do what you love and you'll be through it before you know it.

Watching what I eat is never fun for me, but I try to make it a game. And as I become a more of a "seasoned citizen" it becomes a way of life. It is a way of being. I want to be around long enough to see my grandbabies grow up (they have yet to be born).

Praying that your mood brightens soon!

James Baker

rij061258 2011-06-14 23:29:42 -0500 Report

Thanks James. My mood has already improved, it was just a fleeting pity party. No one else in the house really understand what I'm dealing with and sometimes I think that is what gets me the most. Thanks for listening.

eristar 2011-06-15 07:02:21 -0500 Report

Oh, my, I can totally relate to that! After a bit over a year, my husband still thinks that it's a great idea to bring me home a huge candy bar as a treat! Hang in there, and come vent with us any time!

jayabee52 2011-06-14 23:34:48 -0500 Report

I TOTALLY understand Ruth. That's one of the neatest things about DC IMO. We can blow off steam and say things to people who "get it"! Sometimes it just helps to get it off your chest! Please feel free to do so again any time.

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