Coffee drinker cuts diabetic risk

By runthe Latest Reply 2011-06-17 16:22:05 -0500
Started 2011-06-13 13:19:09 -0500

Hi all, hope that this day is finding everyone doing well. I just read and article about how drinking coffee with your lunch cuts your risk of getting diabetes. Has anyone heard of this?

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the diabetic camper
the diabetic camper 2011-06-17 13:22:08 -0500 Report

Coffee is the cure all for everything. I love it. I wish this were true.

Usha K
Usha K 2011-06-14 17:45:05 -0500 Report

Coffe has caffiene and believe me I am not a coffe drinker my mom who was raised in a family where people were addicted to coffee never even tasted it all her lifetime.
I am a tea drinker and believe me when I did the raw food diet programme for 7 weeks I one day woke up and said why the hell do I really need any tea and I recalled that in my childhood days my Mom used to make tea only for anybody who is sick in the house.You can imagine how our taste buds react differently by the mind that we programme for it!

My sons who are an athlete basket ball players drink Gatorade and good Protein shake and water they never had coffe or Tea and keep discouraging me form drinking Tea.This speaks a lot for us as it proves that actually they are physically more active! By drinking coffee and tea we are only inclultating an habit to pollute our system!


donnaj 2011-06-14 14:25:50 -0500 Report

runthe; i think some just like printing things out there because they know how powerful words can be, like others in our circle of friends we would not be here on this site having this conservation but it do make for a good laugh(just when i need one) thanks for sharing and i'm not making fun of you, this is also how we stay on top of things conversing with each other.

roshy 2011-06-14 11:27:42 -0500 Report

i should be cured at this stage! theres more coffee running through my veins then there is blood!!

jayabee52 2011-06-14 03:27:29 -0500 Report

I used to drink a lot of coffee also. It didn't help me. In fact I have heard that the caffein in the coffee actually raises your BG#s. I haven't done a study on how it affects me but as I don't drink it much any more I don't check it out.

JoleneAL 2011-06-14 11:39:35 -0500 Report

I actually did this because of my normal ranges out of bed than an hour later jumping to almost 200. Only thing I was having for that hour was coffee. I tried it plain, decaf and it still jumped. Then I went to water only and it still spiked. I went back to my morning joe and 5 u of Novolog :D

runthe 2011-06-13 21:28:57 -0500 Report

i used to drink coffee like it was water. When i worked nights I would drink 2 and three large cups a night. I guess that study wasn't done with me in mind lol

Cheryl*G 2011-06-13 16:21:06 -0500 Report

It doesn't. My mom and dad were coffee drinkers for over 40 years and both developed type 2 diabetes.

JoleneAL 2011-06-13 16:02:49 -0500 Report

Well for me it wasn't true! I've loved coffee since I was old enough to drink it - and here I am a Type II … I hope it helps someone, but its lifestyles changes that will help with prevention more than anything.