Book Review - What Do I Eat Now?

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I am posting this review on ObesityConnect and DiabeticConnect because I believe the content is appropriate whether the reader is diabetic or not.

The book "What Do I Eat Now?" by Patti Geil & Tami Ross is phenomenal. Both authors have a bunch of certification letters after their names which show their qualifications for this concise but informational, educational, motivational and inspirational book on nutrition. The subtitle of the book is "A step-by-step guide to eating right with Type 2 Diabetes." I found the book at my local library and plan to purchase it as a "keeper" book.

What I like most about this book, besides being written in plain English and sticking to the point, is that it talks more about what we can and should eaten versus the manuscripts of information on what we shouldn't eat. Please note that the "we" refers to "humans" and not specific to diabetics or non-diabetics.

I got through all 117 pages in no time and with great interest. The book is endorsed by the American Diabetes Association but more importantly endorsed by ME. I am searching the web for my own copy at the best price. Please know that while I read A LOT of books I do not purchase all that many but this particular book is more of a reference book, which are the kinds that I like to have on hand. There is no way to absorb all of the information in this book in one reading. At least not at my age. :)

The introduction immediately begins talking about change and setting goals. Both of these topics are important not only to a diabetic but anyone looking to modify his or her own lifestyles whether it's for weight control, financial control, glucose control or self-control. Bravo to the authors for beginning at the beginning!

There are eleven chapters which begin with an introduction to diabetes and some startling facts like "Almost 24 million Americans have diabetes - mainly type 2 diabetes, but one in four are not even aware that they have it!" There is a sidebar article on page 3 featuring five simple steps for losing 5-10% of your body weight. Seriously, that's 10-20 pounds for a 200 pound person! The steps are as simple as drinking more water or sugar free beverages, staying away from fried foods, using light versions of various products, the obvious eating more fruits and vegetables and adding more fiber to the diet. That's it. Simple!

One of the key points on weight control and glucose control is portion control. There are formulas which show what the allowable calories per day should be for the best results. Once that number is known, a few strokes on the calculator can help with planning meals and "diets" to stay within the allowances. Yes, there is some math involved but it need not be advance trigonometry.

"What Do I Eat Now?" discusses the various components of ingredients for smarter choices in food consumption: calories, carbs, protein, fat, sodium, etc. None of these are horrible topics because, in fact, each are necessary for various functions of the body and the prevention of illnesses; however, it goes back to portion control. The authors point out that a bite of a brownie is not going to raise your glucose that much so if you crave a taste, go for it. Just use common sense. If given the choice of 15 grams of carbs from a dessert or 15 grams of carbs from a vegetable, the vegetable will give you nutrients and fiber that the dessert won't.

It is important to note that this book, as factual as it is, is no substitute for professional medical or dietary advice; however, there are a number of well researched and well written facts about diet and nutrition that few could argue with.

The book discusses frequently addressed topics such as traveling, alcohol consumption, dining out, snacking, and such. There are 20 great "Top 20 Snacking Strategies" on pages 72-73 worth reading and absorbing. You will read about simple swapping of your family favorite recipe ingredients can lead to weight loss and better health. You'll learn a great deal about the body and how food is stored and used.

I can assure you that these were the best 177 pages that I have read in a very long time.

I hope you'll check out the book, pardon the library humor! :)

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