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By LaVeta Latest Reply 2011-06-10 19:34:46 -0500
Started 2011-06-06 22:55:21 -0500

Has anyone used herbs to try and control their diabetes? I have tried using cinnamon in capsule form, it did help me for awhile, but the doctor put me back on meds because he said that it wasn't being controled enough.

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queenbyrd 2011-06-10 19:34:46 -0500 Report

I do Cinnamon daily in my foods. I heard it's suppose to help keep your BS level or more regular. I also do flax seed to help keep them regular

chetsgirl 2011-06-07 13:30:26 -0500 Report

I have been diagnosised with type 2 diabetes since 2004. I have found that people who I have talked to has told me that using 1/2 tsp of cinnamon on my meat. when I cook it helped to bring my bs down and I still use it to this day.

diabetesfree 2011-06-07 07:06:23 -0500 Report

Unless you are pre-diabetic, or somewhere near the fringe, I doubt that any of the currently-known supplements out there is enough to control one's blood glucose levels exclusively. For Type 2 diabetics who do not require insulin and still have a functioning pancreas, a radical change in diet and exercise patterns have proven much more effective than any type of herb or vitamin has thus far.

dietcherry 2011-06-06 23:08:10 -0500 Report

There are lots of things purported to be useful for control of D, some true and some anecdotal at best. It also can vary from person to person. Some T2s here have said cinnamon helped them and others, not so much.

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