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N.C. government gave a state based company a $30 million no-bid contract to provide diabetics on the Medicaid roles a cheap no good testing device and all of the diabetic supplies that go with the meter. Now they find themselves in big trouble by a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney is suing the Charlotte based company called Diagnostic Devices, Inc. Accusing the owners of shady business dealings. The local TV station has been investigating this company for the past 18 months. When the state gave the little known company the no-bid contract in 2009, patient advocates expressed safety concerns about them.

The president of the Research Triangle Association of Diabetic Educators said it was not a good product and could be dangerous. The meters trade name used to test patient's BS levels is called "Prodigy."

It has been known by the Food & Drug Administration to show at least one life threatening condition where a faulty reading it gave send a child into a diabetic seizure. when asked by officals why the child had used the Prodigy meter the reply was, "it was the only one that their insurance company, (Medicaid) would pay for.

If a diabetic cannot rely on it to be accurate, it just isn't fair for people living with diabetes and who are on Medicaid to only have this one choice of testing meter.

The brothers who own & run this Diagnostic Devices meter also own a company in Florida and they have been involved in a bitter bankruptcy case with this company for the past eight years. This Florida company is called VitalCare and they also sell diabetic products.

Recently a new lawsuit has been filed by the trustee naming Diabetic Devices for violating court orders, not paying past due debts, hiding monies in others companies with which they have dealings, and stealing customers contacts, all of these charges have help make their company profitable while neglecting the responsibilities of the bankruptcy agreement.

Diagnostic devices had promised to move their companies from China to Taiwan to North Carolina which was supposed to create hundreds of jobs for North Carolina. They have been known to recently receive a huge shipment from Asia back in November 2010.

The North Carolina Department of Health & Human Resources stated that they had been assured that the company's references had been checked about this product along with the availability of the supplies and the quality of the product and they were satisfied that everything was fine. But, when the Department of Human Resources were asked if they had checked out the brothers that own these companies they said "no."

Patient advocates say due dilliggence was not done on this company or the product. and the president of the Research Triangle Association of Diabetic Educators said this was the first time in the 21 years they had been in diabetes that one such product was so bad and inaccurate.

Thankfully the contract between the state of NC and this company is due to expire later this year. DHHS said the next contract would be decided by an open bidding process.

I was so poor back over the past three years and found the need to contact the Department of Social Services for some help to pay my medical bills. This, even though I was mad at the time is one occassion where I was told I made to much to qualify for Medicaid. Just think about it I could be one of those poor people who are being forced to use an unsafe meter and supplies to test their B/Ss.

I highly recommend if any od D/C's membership is on Medicaid and is having to use this Prodigy meter in order that their insurance helps with the cost, they make immediate contact with their medical provider and get off this meter and supplies.

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mandymb 2011-06-07 18:49:29 -0500 Report

I just read this and I was told when my daughter was diagnosed to not use this meter because it was not accurate. I'm glad that I learned that before we started using it because even though we don't have medicaid, the test strips for this meter were significantly cheaper. We did consider it but after I heard about it…we didn't use it! But it is a shame that ppl can't have the option to use the things that are best for them because the cost is so high. The strips for the Contour is about $1 a strip if not more, and you can get strips for the Prodigy for $12 for a box of 50!!! We are being forced to use things that could potentialy kill us, whether it be because of Medicaid, or for the fact that we can't afford the things that we need!!! I will say it again…System Stinks!!!

Susanbut170@yahoo.com 2011-06-07 07:56:30 -0500 Report

Hi Lymy, I do not know about the rest of you, but this is some scary news, this often makes me wonder if the type of machine that I am using is accurate or not, thank goodness I have not had any type of high reading as of yet, and I am on the Medicaid program myself, and I am working at home now, I have an Associates Degree however, the economy is one where there are 20 other people ahead of me and applying for the same positions, so there is that in a nutshell. I am using the One Touch Ultra and the company tells me that they have had no problems with it, however, since they are only in this to profit themselves, I am not sure what would be a reliable source. I mean they only know what their bosses want them to know. But to me, what a scary world we live in right now, I am glad that I am a Christian because I do not need to follow man, but will hold the the hand of the one whom has me, and with this said, if God is for me, who can be against me? So thank you so much for this information is was very helpful and I will pray that these companies get what they deserve and in the end, they will, because God is faithful. It was nice talking with you, I look forward to hearing from you, and I am glad you posted this, it is helpful, because I was looking for a cheaper with cheaper testing strips, however, with this information said, I think I will keep my old meter! Thanks again,


Lymy 2011-06-07 21:26:06 -0500 Report

I am glad I was able to help even in just a little way. You spoke about the Contour meter. I am using the Contour TS meter. My pharmacy benefits will only pay for 51 strips per month so the rest I have been getting from Edgepark Medical Supply. They charge me $108 for four boxes (200 strips) which makes mine $27.00 per box. If I can get a reply from my doctor's office (which I have been waiting a week for now) I am going to ask him to write me a script for the one box of strips per month that my pharmacy benefits will cover. That will drop my Edgepark order to $81.00 every three months.
~Lymy~ (Rosemary)

Harlen 2011-06-07 07:36:54 -0500 Report

One never trust the state it is not there to help you but to make money off you .
For the state to give something like that to a comp like them somone got payed
best wishes

Susanbut170@yahoo.com 2011-06-07 08:03:50 -0500 Report

Hey Harlen,

I just wanted to comment on your post, you are right, these companies target the uninsured as well as us diabetics so that they can make a profit, and in my own opinion, so do the Doctors and health care industries, because just think about it, what would happen if the doctors gave us the cure that most countries already have for this disease? Then the Pharmaceutical companies would go out of business as being that sick patients keep them going, so why give us that cure? That way, they are not making a killing off of people like us! I am sorry if anyone finds this offending, but I have done research and there are natural cures, however our doctors are not going to tell us that information because then they will no longer make a huge profit off our sickness. I enjoyed your comment and believe you 100%, nicely said as well! God Bless this nation.


mandymb 2011-06-07 19:05:37 -0500 Report

That is what I have said for years! If I didn't have diabetes then I wouldn't have to buy meds and see doctors! I know they haven't been working this long on a cure and still have nothing…they are just afaid that if we all find out about it that they would have nothing! so just let us suffer!!!! it's such a shame!!!

Susanbut170@yahoo.com 2011-06-07 20:41:12 -0500 Report

Hi mandymb,

I am glad that you agree with me, I mean, it is not all that important that anyone necessarily agree with me or not, but more or less the fact hat we all know that the more money one has the better taken care they seem to be, and along with this also comes better treatment, and yes, there are books out there that prove that the other countries do offer cures, and the same thing with certain cancers, I know it is true I have read books on this subject and I will be so glad to tell the names of them I have read some things in the medical journals, also the pharmaceutical companies all have a pack with the FDA, because you know as well as I do that if people did not have diseases there would be no business in medicine. So, with this said, I am a firm believer that if this were not true why do they still not as of yet have a cure, there are so many things that the government does not tell their own people, so the same thing goes for the pharmaceutical companies and the bid corporations they are in it for the money, not everyone that is, but there is a cure. For example, when I was diagnosed in 1996, my sugars were high like I remember they were in 200's and now they are in the 70-115, because I used vitamins and natural herbs and within this book it tells you about this kind of stuff, it is true or the book would not have been written! It was written for a reason and with a purpose, and the truth is, is that I am still pre-diabetic, however, I got my numbers down because of my trust in God, as well as my willingness to use natural remedies. So, I am just wondering if this is not true then how did my sugars come down? I know this may sound crazy to some people, however, I know myself from personal experiences that it worked because I used vitamins, but there a real cure, and if diabetics could have access to this cure the companies whom target us would certainty be out of business! This is my personal opinion, but it did work for me, this is what really happened to me, and I am not benefiting from nothing by telling anyone this information, it is what it is. Thank you for your response, and thanks for listening, I hope to talk with you more on this subject. I will tell you to take natural vitamins and see what happens to your levels, see if these do not come down, because I took them and cinnamon as well and this brought them down too, now, I know everyone's body is different, but the vitamins worked for me. I am just saying that I know that they are hiding information that they do not want us to know, they can target us working class citizens and the poor alike, because for the simple fact that they know we can not afford these products, so the sicker we are, the richer they become, they benefit nothing if we are no longer sick, and to me, this makes great sense! It was nice hearing from you, and maybe we can talk more later.


jayabee52 2011-06-07 08:24:56 -0500 Report

To what " cure that most countries already have for this disease" do you refer? As far as I have been able to tell, Diabetes is a WORLDWIDE problem of near epidemic proportions.

It would be very enlightening if you would share with us the results of your research, perhaps in a new discussion.

Praying God's richest blessings on you and yours

James Baker

Harlen 2011-06-07 17:42:11 -0500 Report

As fare as I can tell there hasent benn a cure for anything after poleo and yes I know I speld it rong lol The didnt make any real money off all that work so they only look for a way to prolong your life not cure you that way they can make money off you over and over and over again .
But thats just me and how I feel.
Best wishes

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