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Started 2011-06-06 15:52:16 -0500

I just got 62 and now I can't remember where I set the remote… Today isn't my day… :(

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Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-06-08 12:46:00 -0500 Report

Raven it sounds like you live at home with your family. I suggest that you keep a record of what you eat and your blood sugar levels and talk to your parents about it. You may need a new prescription or you may just need to change how you eat when they aren't home. You need good eating habits, that can help your little sister too, she can learn from your good habits. Big sisters are a role model for little sisters. Take care of your self, and your little sister. It sounds like she really cares about you too. Have a wonderful day. God Bless you sweetheart.

Tigereyze209 2011-06-07 23:57:20 -0500 Report

Oh, you dear sweet lady. Your post just made my whole day. God bless you.
Little sister shows you where the remote is so she can watch Dora.
I have to wonder if You had your heart set on watching "Operah?", would that remote still be missing?
Hmmm.. my curiosity is up, IS that show about that purple dinosaur still on the air? Barney, i think it was…

Starry20 2011-06-08 14:54:33 -0500 Report

Hahaha and yes it is, they have changed it over the years, now they Aldo have a cartoon Barney, I personally don't like it, but I don't want to watch Barney either!! Lol be blessed…

Tigereyze209 2011-06-08 17:39:23 -0500 Report

There are so many songs from the original Barney show that STILL make me cringe, and make my skin crawl.. How is it that a kids show can make one feel absolutely creepy?

Starry20 2011-06-08 19:54:14 -0500 Report

Little kids sing it.. I always picture kids of the corn… That show freaks me out… And saw… Lol sorta off topic

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-06-06 20:34:55 -0500 Report

What do mean by just got 62? You have a 2 year old sister so that can't be your age. Can it?

Starry20 2011-06-06 22:05:36 -0500 Report

Sorry, my brain wasn't functioning I meant my bg was 62… I can't think when I get below 78 I get weak and foggy brained… Should've elaborated… :(

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-06-07 13:58:44 -0500 Report

That is a bad low, no wonder you couldn't find the remote. They would have had to scrape me off the floor if my BS got that low. When mine gets down to 70 I eat a glucose tab or drink some oj. I buy the tabs at walmart and I like the them. thay remind me of the candy Sweet Tarts. I hope you are better today. Please keep a close watch on your blood sugars. Be careful and take care.

Starry20 2011-06-07 14:49:54 -0500 Report

Glucose tabs don't help me, my snacks have to be 15-19 carbs… Its downer, we learned that one tome when I was 58 and a new db, my mom gave me two waited 20 minutes checked again and it was still 58 we tried again a year later and my bg was 60 something and it didn't work… So far in my life I have had two seizures from being low… I hope no more come my way but if they do, I hope I'm with some body…

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-06-07 14:57:54 -0500 Report

It sounds like you should call your doctor, that you may need to get your prescription changed. That is a very dangerous low. At least it is for me, and that is what my doctor told me about BS #'s. Everyone is different though. Talk to your parents.

Starry20 2011-06-06 16:00:21 -0500 Report

My two year old little sister just walked me over to the kitchen counter and pointed, there was the remote… She just wanted to watch Dora but still, thank you to her!!! I love my family… I just thought I'd share…

jayabee52 2011-06-07 15:00:41 -0500 Report

isn't that just like a little sister to show you up! I hate it when something like that happens!

Starry20 2011-06-08 14:58:57 -0500 Report

Yes, I didn't think she could count to twenty but boy did she show me! I told her vount to twenty, and as she was my phone wentboff I looked down at it and she stooped counting at the number 12 tapped me on the shoulder and said please pay attention… Then went back to counting!!! (but the word attention was missing a sylable she said 'tension) she's a smart and beautiful little sister, I can't wait unroll she grows up…
Completely off topic thing there but, OH WELL!! haha