Normal Ranges of BS ???????

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What exactly are the normal ranges for BS???????

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Normal ranges for blood sugar before meals and fasting is 80-110. After meals (2 hours) and bedtime should be < or = 140.

If anyone wants to know about lows let me know… I've got 45 years experience with that!! Milk and orange juice are the two things that bring it back quickest but you still have to eat a little something to keep it there. I say a little something because my whole life I was taught to over do it to bring it back up. When I was a kid, they didn't know much about hypoglycemia so I had to carry candy in my pocket which helped to bring it up but sugar makes it crash again faster. Whenever I said I didn't feel good, someone fed me whether the 'not feeling good' was from a low or not. (Learned to do that real well myself after awhile… hmmm wonder why I have a weight problem huh?). Even today, the doctor that I was seeing until recently said that Diabetes trumped Hypoglycemia and wiped it off my records… we had words over that act and he put it back in. You can't just delete a major part of someone's past like that especially when they still experience it daily!! sheesh. I showed him my meter readings and he finally agreed that it was still an issue. Now I'm going to a new doctor in November so all my records are in one place. He's from Europe and has done 5 residencies in different aspects of adult medicine and comes highly recommended by my gynecologist. I watched a video of him and he is very kind on there and funny (right up my alley!! lol) The gynecologist said he was a brilliant doctor and funny!! Hmmm a match for me? I sure hope so because I've had a life time of doctors saying 'hmmm I don't know…' SICK OF IT!!

Della - 24193
Della - 24193 2008-10-13 08:29:15 -0500 Report

I agree with the whole "i dont know whats wrong with you " thery.When my son was sent to Le'Bouhners childrens hospital two years ago for a swollen splean and pancriatits. Thats what they told us .He missed the whole last twelve weeks of school . And nothing was done. They kept saying they were stumped as to what was wrong with him. And thats a hopital that treats child hood illnesses.THe docter that actually told us about Storm being a diabetic said that should have been the first thing they told us was that he was a diabetic. Go figure!

NamVet - 21894
NamVet - 21894 2008-10-12 12:26:54 -0500 Report

Mine is about 70. I have been in the 40's which were scary. I have to be able to recognize my signs, like dizzy, sweating, blurry eyes, fatigue..

kdroberts 2008-10-12 12:17:35 -0500 Report

Depends on the time you're testing. Normal fasting and pre-meal is about 70-100, post meal is technically under 140 but realistically 120 would be high and under 100 wouldn't be uncommon. Technically a low is under 60 but most diabetes educators will say under 70.

Goddess 2008-10-12 11:30:00 -0500 Report

What causes my vision to change and feel like I'm shaking inside and out?

Della - 24193
Della - 24193 2008-10-12 11:40:26 -0500 Report

Alot of times your suger is to low when you feel light headedand dizzy

Goddess 2008-10-12 11:47:25 -0500 Report

This happens when they are in the 80's.

Della - 24193
Della - 24193 2008-10-12 11:56:13 -0500 Report

It could be that your body is warning you . 80 is considered as low as they really like it to be . Im not sure really .Im not diabetic. But my son is. And the last week he has been telling me when he gets dizzy or light headed . And most of the time his levels are in the low 80-70s .Thats all i can really tell you . Good luck.

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