Pain Management: Here's my experience, how about yours?

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I refuse to take any narcotic pain meds, because of my fear of addiction. I was injured by a fall (on the job) in 1991, causing me to suffer quite a bit of pain. I also developed a problem with anxiety attacks. My MD referred me to a MD, PhD (a psychiatrist) for treatment of the two issues. The psychiatrist provided a pain management class, which as it turned out, helped me a great deal with with both the pain AND the anxiety attacks. The Psychiatrist had a pain management professional on staff. Of course, my MD knew what he was doing. The class included both breathing exercises and visualization techniques as a means of coping.
One day, while I was in the waiting room of the Psychiatrist's office, for my appointment with the pain management therapist, I went into a fullblown anxiety (panic) attack. This was fortuitous, of course, because the therapist could then witness for herself what I had only been able to describe to her. Also, she was able to demonstrate to me how effective the techniques she had been teaching me would be in controling the attacks.
I could give you an example of each of them here, but your best bet would be to ask your doctor for a referral to a professional in the pain management field. There are also some pretty good books out there, both in the library and for sale at book stores, which deal with pain management. If you don't want to go out, look online at, or any of the others.
The Psychiatrist also referred me to a Chiropractor for a series of visits, but that isn't relavent to this discussion.
The breathing exercises and visualization techniques don't take away the pain completely, but it dulls it somewhat. You have to catch it when you first feel it coming on, though. They also help control the crankiness pain brings on.
I also use Ibuprofen (non-prescription) sometimes when the pain is bad.
One of the ways I avoid alot of pain, though, and the MAIN POINT I want to make here is: DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR PAIN BY GIVING IN TO YOUR CRAVINGS! One of my favorite things used to be my Son-in-law's bloody Mary cocktails. One day I discovered that, soon after I drank one, I was in a great deal of pain! I knew then that the enjoyment was fleeting and the pain was enduring! I cringed the other day when I saw a discussion going on here about it being okay to drink alcoholic beverages. I'm here to say it simply is not. Alcohol makes your blood sugar spike and that causes pain. It just isn't worth it guys!
Okay, now the ball is in your court! Please let me know how you feel and/or what you know on the subject of pain management. If you feel I'm wrong, I welcome your opinion anyway. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don't hold it in, that's not good for you either! Just bring it on!

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Harlen 2011-06-05 22:57:45 -0500 Report

Thank you so much frend.
I to know what pain realy is but I dont mind a little help from my meds .
I have ben using pain meds for 18 years and sometimes I can go 2-3 months with out any and then I will need it for 3 to 6 months there are times that the pills will not even help then I would give myself a shot you I have it onhand.
I use it only when needed and even then only as much as I need .
I too know how to deal wit hpain with breathing and other ways.
Dont be afrade to use what you need I have not benn pain free in over 20 years
The more you deal with it the more you can take lol ( pain )and that is not a joke.
hang in there frend

AuntieM234 2011-06-06 03:44:29 -0500 Report

Yes, I've always had a high tolerance for pain. Like you, my pain is constant. Its just worse some days than others. I also have fibromyalgia, which has many of the same symptoms as diabetes and lots of pain. I certainly don't begrudge anyone their pain meds, but I'm afraid I may be suseptible and I don't want to find out; other than that, I've never had a dose of narcotic pain medication that didn't make me vomit my guts out. Thanks for your input, Harlen. It is appreciated! ;-) Mara