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I've been looking at the discussions recently posted by the newly diagnosed and it made me think. I was first diagnosed 28 yrs ago this month with type1. At the age of 9, almost 10, I was, I guess, confused. I didn't have access to a computer. It wasn't discussed on tv. No one in my family had it. All I remember was the doctor saying I can still have babies. I was 9, I didn't care about having a baby. I was still playing with my dolls I didn't want a real baby. Anyway, his office was right beside the hospital so he let my mom drive me there. When we left his office before going to the hospital, my mom took me to Wendy's and got me a frosty. I guess u know we both were totally clueless when it came to diabetes. We have both come a long way. We can sit back and laugh at that now. Do anyone else have a crazy story about when they were first diagnosed?

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realsis77 2011-06-04 12:44:45 -0500 Report

I'm a diabetic baby. I was diagnosed a year ago. The doctor gave me pills and told me to bring in my results from testing after being on the pills. I brought the results in. I was running 300 to 400 daily! The next thing I knew I was on two differnt insulins . With a couple of dose increases now I'm running perfectly! As long as I take my insulin! The pills did NOTHING for me! I might as well been takeing sugar pills! Haha. I'm glad I'm in control now. It all seemed to happen so fast. Now after a year of injections it seems I've been doing it forever. I was real scared at first and wasn't told how to give the shots exactly. But with a lot of reasearch and practice I m doing good Now. I looked up on Utube how to give a proper injection and bought several books on diabetes . I read them all cover to cover because knowledge is power and learned as much as I could! Now I've got a good grip on my diabetes and have came a long way. I can happily say as long as I take both insulins when I'm supposed to I'm usually running perfect! I was so lost a year ago but I think I've now found my way. I feel better and have more energy!also I've learned soo much. Now I feel I can help others from what I've learned!

Nica0226 2011-06-05 13:44:31 -0500 Report

I was dignosed nearly 27 years ago come November this year, I was nine, about a week after Halloween. My parents hating medical people had been giving me an old German cure all. Basically a sugar Alcohol mix, great for a diabetic, LOL. My 4th grade teacher had just had her father diagnosed, and noticed similar symptoms in me, and asked the school nurse, who called my parents which got a big ball rolling. When I went into the hospital, my blood sugar was 1380, at 9 years old, only 52 lbs, and 4'5". I am lucky I live in the Boston area, and my father was friends with a Head of one of the Departments at the Deaconess Hospital, a sister hospital at the time to the Joslin Clinic so I got a private room that day, and a parent stayed with me for a week while the whole family learned the do's and don'ts of Diabetes. There were no support systems back then though. I was the only kid in my town (high school graduating class of 300) who ever had diabetes, none of my teachers, except the one who helped me get diagnosed were ever made aware of the signs of a high or low blood sugar, or what to do if I had one. If I think now how teachers have to be aware for every child's allergy and how to give an EPI Pen, Ashma treatment, but they still really are not told about diabetes but it is the one of fastest rising childhood illness. One must wonder if people really get it. I nearly killed me, and otyhers yesterday in my car because of nasty low that hit me because of an infection I have from oral surgery. I did not however have to be in a car to have killed someone, I was disullisional too on top of that, I could have been walking the street and just stbbed someone I thought was trying to kill me when all they said was Hi. No one out there really gets it. Diabetes is a hard disease to live with a hard disease to control (especially when every reacts differently to things like stressors, exercise, infections, period0s, sex, pregnancy, and the like). Resurants do not understand how annoying it is to only have a chioce between diet Coke/Pepsi, and Water, and forget the desert list. Even today, there really is no local group I can go to and talk about pump issues, insurance problems, sugar issues, plain life and diabetic issues. The Joslin Clinic has groups for the old, for newly diagnosed, for people between the ages of 18-30, new pum users, but nothing for people like me who since I have had it for 27 years should know how everything impacts me, and how to adjust for it…what BS.