Brittle Type 1 Diabetes

By sunshine247 Latest Reply 2011-06-04 23:10:08 -0500
Started 2011-06-02 05:48:00 -0500

Has anyone ever heard of Brittle Type 1 Diabetes? This is where your blood sugar can go from over 600 down to under 50 in less than two hours with very little (4-6 units) of insulin. I am just wondering, because this is what doctors tell me I have.

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sc1boy 2011-06-02 11:58:48 -0500 Report

where do u live at the endo there should be able to help and get things under control for you but you need to work at it to keep it there

alanbossman 2011-06-02 08:53:33 -0500 Report

Brittle diabetes is a rare, less than 1 precent of all type 1 get brittle diabetes most who get this are age 15 to 30 years old. There some over 30 who get brittle but a very small amount of people.

sunshine247 2011-06-02 09:11:05 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed at 31. First they thought it was type 2, then realized it was type 1. I lost 45 lbs. in 2 months prior to being diagnosed. Was only 98 lbs. when they put me in the hospital. Doctors finally realized it was Type 1 but could not control it with anything. Called it Brittle. I am now 39 and have never been in control. I can be at 500 and take 4 units of insulin and go no where or go down to 40 with in 2 hours. Any one know what I can do? I am terrified now that I am going to have a stroke or loss my eye sight…etc.

alanbossman 2011-06-02 09:29:06 -0500 Report

I know from what I have read that it is hard to control you may need to see a endo. Also stress plays a part and psychology (depression). Also if things dont get better you need to get to a hospital, they may be a big help.

sunshine247 2011-06-02 09:47:03 -0500 Report

Alan, thank you. I recently (a year ago) spent 28 days in the hospital and in all that time they could not get my diabetes under control. I simply don't know what to do…I will be going to an Endo in a week or two…just waiting for them to call me. Thanks

sunshine247 2011-06-02 09:49:45 -0500 Report

When I was there I spent 4 days going from the 40's to the 400's with in 4 hours of each other…body went crazy. None of the Doctor's or Nurse's seemed to know what to do. They were blaming it on me even though they were the ones controlling what I was eating and checking my BS and giving me my insulin every 4 hours.

tammylouis 2011-06-02 12:09:21 -0500 Report

Sunshine, I know just what you are talking about. I was dignosised in March 2003 and have been out of control. They thought I was Type 2 but later found out I was type 1. Is there any way of getting this under control. Went to my Endo in March for my 3 month check up and he told me I had 10% function left of my kidneys and 2 weeks later I was at the ER thinking I had the flu and they told me I was in total renal failure. My blood glucose was 711. Stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks. 5 days in the CCU unit. Eating their food on a no sodium/diabetic menu and they still could not control it. I stayed real low after they got it down. Now I am on dialysis 3 days a week for 3 hrs each time. My kidneys shut down because of dehydrating. The kidney doctors is thinking they can get my kidneys going again. Please get to an endo as soon as you can to get it under control. Please let me know what they tell you on getting it under control. I can't hardly find alot of information about Type 1 online like you do for Type 2.

sc1boy 2011-06-02 08:45:41 -0500 Report

yea I have had it that way for many years. I was very brittle when I was younger. Now that I have better control over it I'm not as bad.

Starry20 2011-06-04 23:10:08 -0500 Report

I was brittle since I got diagnosed at age 4… It's not easy being diabetic… Just like it's not easy being green… :) have a good week, and good luck to you and your db

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