New test for diabetes on the horizon

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I recently learned about a company called Epinex Diagnostics that has a US and European patent on a procedure that is going to be a vast improvement on A1C testing. Instead of measuring gycation on red bood cells which can only be done every three to four months it measures glycation of albumin which can be measured every three to four weeks. The test is not only immediate but it gives the most responsive and best indication of those physiological changes that are taking place with any regimens being tried. Like the A1C, it measures overall performance but is actually a more accurate predictor of potential pathologies. However, it can determine changes in a shorter period of time thus is a more responsive test. They are building units for use in doctors offices that produce immediate results, but they are also developing units that that can be used at home. The test procedure will probably eliminate the need for more expensive A1C testing but will also probably obviate the need for frequent home glucose monitoring. Check it out at

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MewElla 2011-05-30 14:01:31 -0500 Report

When this does become a reality, one can stay in better control with the shorter time frame. Exciting article…

vanrainey 2011-05-30 14:09:42 -0500 Report

I am not sure. They indicate on their web site that they are about to undergo 501(k) testing which only takes 90 days. I will try to find out how soon they may go to market.

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