found out April 2011 i have the big D and now I need help

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im on metformin 500mgx 2 a day . I cant bring my numbers under 137. my diabetes dr told me to keep it under 180 after meals, but i thought we wanted near normal numbers. my reg Dr told me to keep the numbers around 120-140 after a meal and 110 fasting. today my fasting was 145 I only eat 120 carbs a day i guess I need to go lower (how) I just really need help form people that are in the same boat as i am.

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Hey Jodi/mommafish~~ I'm in the same boat you are in. I'm on 2000mgs of Metformin + 100mgs of Januvia + 50mgs of Actos. And my fasting b/s are anywhere from 350- over 500. I'm not on any type of insulin, cause my body won't tolerate synthetic insulin. However, when I cut the carbs completely out of my diet my b/g still remained the same. I'm a total vegan, who also cut fruit from my diet. And then my dr put me on this new drug called Alexia. It helped me tremendously. Please talk to your dr or endo about this drug. It's only for people who have type 2, & not on any type of insulin. And I was diagnosed w/type 2 in April of '95.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-06-06 19:18:40 -0500 Report

I found this chart helpful






*ADA: "Post-prandial glucose measurements should be made 1–2 hours after the
beginning of the meal, generally peak levels in patients with diabetes."

ADA = American Diabetes Assn. Joslin = Joslin Diabetes Center AACE= American
Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists Non-diabetic= ranges compiled from goals
of all agencies.

Like Gabby said it will take awhile for the metformin to kick in. Plus it will take you awhile to learn which carbs make your BG spike.
Like alot of other people, I need to eat a little snack before bed to keep my BG lower overnight. A handdful of nuts helps me. Some people have great results with a graham cracker and peanut butter. It seems that the liver decides sleep is an extended starvation period and will decide to dump extra glucose into our system to sustain us. I need to eat a little snack every 3-4 hrs throughout the day, when I am awake to help the BG level stay even. Sometimes eating less overall is not the answer. Instead for me I eat about what I used to eat in 3 meals spreadout over 3 meals and 4/5 snacks.

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Welcome Mommafish to the community. I know you will find all kinds of great advice and things to try out here.

One of the first things is that you are still fairly new and getting numbers in line takes time to do consistently. So don't freak out just yet. Give the meds some time to work and give yourself some time to figure out what foods are going to work better for you.

Not all carbs are created equal and changing some of them around may help you out. For instance. I cannot eat any kind of corn. Shoots me to the moon. I tried it all kinds of ways in all kinds of portions. It just doesn't like me. But I can eat vanilla ice cream with nuts on it. Go figure. is something you will find as you experiment with different foods.

So don't beat yourself up. You didn't become diabetic overnight. Your body built into it. You have to reverse it the same way. Some people respond very well very fast, and others it just takes more time and different disciplines.

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Hello and welcome Jodi
How do you know that your only eating 120 carbs a day ?????
I use a scale to know exactly how much I eat
Best wishes

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Hi. When I was taking pills alone I was having the same problem as you are! I couldn't keep my numbers down because the pills weren't working at all for me! Then my doc put me on insulin, two different types and it was like a God send! My numbers are almost always perfect as long as I take my insulin as I should! I had to up my dose a couple of times but now I'm dialed in perfectly! I never thought I could say that because before insulin, it was a constant struggle! And to tell the truth it hurts worse to test my blood than to take my shot! I have more energey and feel better! No more struggle! You don't want to continue to run high for long because that's when complications can occur and they come silently! Id talk to my doc about possiably changing treatment plans. My doc dosent want me higher than130 because above that damage can occur. Look up the numbers and see what I'm talking about. Above 130 is not good. I wish you the very best and truely hope youcan get your numbers down soon. Remember not all diabetics can control with diet and pills. Some of us need extra help. I was one of those people. So don't suffer with high numbers for too long because you can be damaging yourself silently. So if your doc is not cooprative find one that is. There are options for us and you shouldn't continue to be high. I also question the numbers your doc said were ok?? Above 130 is high so above that is really high?? Humm? Do a little research and see what I'm saying. Be safe. Keep your numbers 130 or below. I really hope you get a good treatment plan soom.&God bless!

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Not in same boat however, from what I have read online and from the posts here I believe you perhaps need to change the types of carbs you eat. Add some more complex ones. I am not a vege lover but have found that the more I can manage to eat of lettuce, tomato, asparagus, carrots, peas and less of potatoes and corn the better my numbers are. I know I have a more even day if I eat a potato at noon than at night. Although I discovered a small bowl of oatmeal will carry me over night better than "cookies and milk" like the hospital gave me as a bedtime snack.
Peanut butter helps me too. You did not say if you eat snacks but from what I have experienced I have better control if I eat a high protein breakfast, have fruit 2-3 hours later, then Lunch to be the bigger of the days meals but reserve something from it for a mid afternoon snack, then dinner no heavy carbs like potatos or at least a very small serving…trade bread for them. and a snack before bed. make a plan and try it for 2-3 days and see if that helps the "numbers" don't even out. Ask yourMD if its ok for you to use Glucerna…I found that a "sweet" alternative that slowly aids your blood sugar up, but the spike. Specialists say 140 is ideal for post meal Blood sugar. As for Fasting 110 is also on the high side of normal. It would be considered pre-diabetic for someone not diagnosed. I would suggest listening to your endocrinologist over PCP. The Endo is the expert. Good luck… 2011-06-06 19:44:53 -0500 Report

Hi majikinfl,

I liked your post and do the same thing as you do I eat breakfast with cheerios, toast,1/2 banana, and usually coffee, or sometimes just spring water, then 2-hours after I will eat a snack of crackers about4-5 Ritz crackers with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, then around 1:00 pm, I will eat 1/2 sandwich with turkey and cheese w/carrots, and then so on. This actually can fit into your plan, I like my potatoes but I eat them boiled, and then eat cooked carrots or green beans, or sometimes spinach, and then 3oz., of chicken, then at bedtime another snack. I love my veggies, but do not like to eat alot of fruits, I eat apples and bananas, but this is about all I eat, I do eat grapefruits sometimes, but only a half because this has way too much natural sugar. I never eat real sugar, or salt and diet and exercise as much as possible, at least 4-5 times a week for 45-minutes to an hour, and since it is summer time, I enjoy sports and of course swimming. My weight came off by diet and exercise alone, I did not take any medicine and still do not, but it was soo hard at first, but then I eventually got used to it, and it just became a part of me. I did not want to end up like my mother as her sugars are usually high sometimes they just wave HI to her, and when I saw that on her meter, it really scared me, so I decide not to follow in her footsteps, and thus this is the reason that I changed my lifestyle and has been ok for me, yes, I still get scared of what will happen if I just wake up one day and my sugars become high or if I have to take medication, because I work hard all day long to obtain good readings, and I do, but every now and then I allow the spirit of fear to enter into my mind, but then I read the Bible and pray, and believe it or not having God in your life is actually a good way to vent and then of course church members can also lift you up, and this is a good outlet to have. I enjoyed your post I just wanted to introduce myself to you, by the way, my name is Susan, it is nice to meet you!


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Thanks Susan…I needed some "BIG" shoulders today and was blessed with Church friends and the Lord to lean on. Then tonight I get notice of your post and how it just fit the day…an up lift to take me to bed. Thanks so much…Polly 2011-06-07 07:39:02 -0500 Report

You are so welcome, I really do understand how you feel, I would enjoy more conversations with you, because when I have those days I know how it feels when it seems as if the odds are against you and for some reason things just are not going the way you deserve them to go. But have hope, I am glad you have a circle of friends whom you can rely on when the going gets tough, and especially since they are believers, it is good to have a positive outlet. I am thankful that I have friends like yourself where we can all meet here on line and discuss our ups and downs, it is very reassuring as well. I am glad that you respond back this makes me feel better to know that we care so much about each others hurts and successes. I look forward to seeing you here.
Have a Blessed week and may God turn this around for you, I know in time, if we just trust him and take him at his word, he is faithful to guide us!