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Hi My name is Pat and I have type 2 diabeties… I was feeling really odd the last months and could not figure out what was going on…went to the docs to get tested said my sugar was he put me on metformin 500g every 12 hours…well when i first started that med i had diarrhea really bad.. every time I ate I had to go to the bathroom… ok so I knew my body had to get used to the meds…but for 2 months?? so I was feeling odd on day and took that on a empty stomach…why did I do that? well when I got to work my stomach starting acting up and i could not make it to the bathroom in time and threw up all over the place…was weak so I went home early.. went to the docs to get my meds changed and told him that my body should not have to take 2 months to get used to meds and he then put me on glimepiride 4mg and now i have to make sure that my blood sugar stays a a acceptable level…now i have been taking this for four days and yesterday,..the fourth day I felt the effects of the meds.. I was feeling so much better then i had a small cheese steak and a half hour later i started feeling the effects of low blood sugar… i had some hard candy at my desk and starting eating that and by the 5th piece I started feeling better… and another thing I know that i have to eat 3xs a day…there are a lot of times when i dont have any money to buy anything or its between pays and i dont have any money to buy anything what can i get to get thru these times…when I do go shopping what staples would I need

thanks for any help

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Patsie57 2014-10-13 19:49:14 -0500 Report

Well its now 2014.. I read over what i typed in here 3 yrs ago..I knew that i could not tolerate metformin.. but wow wonder i was puking all over the place!!.. Well my doc took my a1c 3 months ago.. she said it was at 818.00…too high!!! I had to go on a strict diet..well in those months I started to walk around 2 of my buildings at work..took about a half hour… after I ate my lunch… so lunch first exercise after.. i started buying nothing but turkey bacon..turkey this and turkey that… chicken .. and tuna fish and eggs.. so i lost about 3 lbs… eat a salad everyday… twice a day… so when i went back to get tested again,,,,she said that it was at 700 level… to keep eating fiber and wheat everything…whoo!!! plus i have a stationary bike and am getting a treadmill ..its getting cold one thing that i didnt like is that when i went to the foot doctor… (i had no problems before with my toes) i watched the doc cut my toenails…a week later my toes felt like i have needles going thru them…with the walking every day that i do its annoying..i never had this pain before… what can i do… i wanted to go back to him to ask him what he did..but he would not take me without me paying a copay!!!.. so now i am suffering along with arthritic knees..which i might have to get surgery on..yikes!!! so its been three years… hmmm i have come a long way..will continue on my journey…

GabbyPA 2011-05-30 09:56:01 -0500 Report

First, welcome to the community. I know you will get a lot of assistance from all of our wonderful members here.

Sorry to hear about your battle with Metformin. It usually does take some getting used to, but switching was a good plan for you. Some people just cannot tolerate it.

I have a question though. You said that after you ate a small cheese steak (I am presuming a sub of some sort??) you had a low episode. Did you test to see what was going on? What did your meter tell you? I know in the past I have felt I was going low, when in fact, it was quite the opposite. Try to always go by what your meter is telling you, unless you know for sure what is happening. Meters can be wrong, but they tend to be more correct than our feeling. Here are some recommendations on treating a low:

Choosing the right snacks is often a bit of trial and error in the beginning. Things like a bit of protein with some carb will often keep your levels even. Easy things like peanut butter or cheese cracker packs are handy. Veggies make great snacks as well and keeping a baggie of them in the fridge for grab and go days is a good idea. I often cut up carrots, cucumbers and celery and keep them in a Tupperware so that I can just grab some for my lunches or snacks. Add a little cream cheese or low fat ranch dip, and you have a nice snack. Here is a great video on good choices.

Copperchef 2011-05-30 09:38:56 -0500 Report

Pat, may I suggest that you go see an Endocronologist, also,check with your local hospital to see if they offer diabetic education classes and a dietician, who specializes in diabetes.
You should never have to suffer for more than a couple of days with reactions to medications.
You can also check with your local public health department, some offer diabetes awareness classes. Education will be your biggest ally in gaining some control of your numbers and the disease.
Never stop asking questions, remember the only stupid question is the one you never ask!!!

nanaellen 2011-05-29 13:01:10 -0500 Report

Hi Pat, The best tip I can give you is for the lows…you know the frosting tubes you decorate a cake with?? Their cheap enough and small enough to carry with you for the LOW times! They absorb quickly and you won't have to wait through 5 pieces of candy! Plus it tastes good!! Or if you have a fridge at work some O.J. but only 4 oz.s at a time till your better! Good Luck and ask away I do!! LOL Ellen :)

runthe 2011-05-29 12:20:00 -0500 Report

Hi patsie and welcome to DC, You came to the right place for help when it comes to being a diabetic. I suggest that you enroll in a diabetic class and get a meter. I have not have any lows since being a diabetic but I keep Dex4 with me at all times. Also, when I go out I take a insulated cold pack with me to put my lunch and other snacks in. I can't afford to eat out so I usually take my meals with me most of the time.

Somoca 2011-05-29 04:07:30 -0500 Report

Pat welcome to DC, please ask a lot of questions if you have them. Someone will always have a suggestion or idea on the situation. It will be a world of comfort to you in the days ahead.

realsis77 2011-05-28 14:21:24 -0500 Report

Hi for times in between when I'm going low I always make sure to carry DEX4 in my purse and it brings up my sugar. Its made for diabetics and pervents lows. It is inexpensive and you can purchase it from rite aid pharmacy, wallmart, or any drug store. I always make sure I have a bottle handy! I hope this is helpful to you in some way! Welcome to DC and I wish you the best!

Harlen 2011-05-28 12:28:07 -0500 Report

Hello Pat and welcome
Are you testing three times a day or more?
One thing you may wish to do is test before you eat candy, your bod may tell you one thing and your BS is something els .
I get the big can of nuts from Sam's and that works for snaks and the munchies .
It realy dont take a lot to get your blood sugars back p.
Best wishes

tabby9146 2011-05-30 08:37:10 -0500 Report

I wish I could find more coupons for nuts. I only like Planters, and the higher priced brands, and they range from $4 - $5 for a small can around here.with groceries having gone up, and the gas prices, I've been couponing more and more. I keep looking for coupons on my fav brands, but have not come across any lately. It's amazing how just a handful can help you feel satisfied, I especially love almonds, and pistachios.

Patsie57 2011-05-29 06:16:05 -0500 Report

Hi Harlen…No i am not testing ..have to get a meter… dont know how to go about it but I will find out thanks!

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-05-30 02:16:49 -0500 Report

I have just received an e-mail from One Touch that says if I go to my doctor and get a prescription for it and the test strips, then give a copy of the email to the pharmacist my meter will be free. I signed up for it after I saw an ad for it here on DC. You might also google for free Blood Glucose meter on your computer. I think you will be surprised at how many companies will give you a free meter as long as you get a script for it and the test strips.
Also I keep a pkt. of glucose tablets in my purse at all times in case my BS gets low. I buy them at Walmart, They are like chewable candy. Sweet tarts is what the taste reminds me off, but they are made especially for quick pick up when your BS is low. They also carry it in a small liquid bottle, and they don't cost much. It has been a life savior for me. I hope this helps.

CaliKo 2011-05-28 10:19:20 -0500 Report

Hi Pat,
Welcome to DC, I hope you find the help you need here. I always recommend diabetic classes to newbies, if you have access to them. Most hospitals have classes and your doctor can refer you or enroll you to see if your insurance will cover the expense. The most important thing you can do is to learn how to eat properly and stick with it, day in and day out. It's tricky to do on a budget, but you have to make the best effort you can. Your carbs need to be whole grains and some fruits, lots of vegetables, legumes, lot-fat dairy products like yogurt and lean meats like chicken and fish. Lots of my carbs come from small portions of oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, mini whole-wheat bagels and my own home-made whole wheat tortillas. Much of this can be purchased at stores with bulk bins and made ahead so you always have some to take for lunches and snacks. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. I load up on blueberries, red bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, celery, carrots, really, anything you like. Stay away from white foods like white bread, rice and potatoes. Corn is really good for you if it doesn't spike your blood glucose levels. You will learn to test with your meter to find out how different foods affect you personally, we are all different. After you get the meal plan thing down, exercise is the next thing you will want to add to your daily routine. It does do so much good for your levels, and makes your diabetes so much easier to control. And it doesn't have to be strenuous. Lots of us like to walk, some swim or do aerobics or weight training. Make it something you can enjoy in some way. Start slowly, don't get overwelmed. This didn't happen overnight and it may take awhile to get on top of it. Good luck!

majikinfl 2011-05-28 10:11:48 -0500 Report

I don't know what you like food wise, but I Keep: Canned Tuna, Chicken and Salmon [preferably packed in water] as well as Crackers [they keep longer than bread], Pasta which you can cook and mix with canned vegetables and even the canned meats. When using canned food be sure to drain all the juices/water and with vegetables rinse with water. You can make a weeks lunches for the cost of one eat out meal. Also you can make ahead pasta dishes and save not only money but time. IF you have cold place to store food at your work place consider things like Peanut butter, diet jam/jelly that will fill you and it lasts also reasonably priced, can even keep in your desk drawer or locker along with a zip lock bag of crackers. Apples are about the most portable fruit buy a bag of small ones so you can eat the whole apple, pears are good but a bit more expensive and difficult to find small ones. Now there are canned fruits with natural juice, some even in small cans and individual serving sizes. Invest in a lunch bag that's padded or has cold packs you can freeze to help keep your lunch fresh. I hope this gives you some ideas for foods that keep.