Dietary Benefits - And Disadvantages

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Hello, friends and neighbors, it's the SongDude postin' at ya… for five weeks now, I've been using Stevia as a sweetener for my iced tea, et cetera. I've been a hawk for watching my carb intake… early on, I got a bit depressed - due to the lack of food variety, but, I slowly added things like Cheerios for breakfast (with the Stevia sweetener, and skim milk); apples for snacks (every once in awhile); salads, with low-calorie dressings, and gluten-free flour was used when I made bread (it now tastes really good, since I switched the recipe up). I have lost 16 pounds, and almost an inch off of my waistline. I've looked at some of the recipes that were listed here during yesterday's feed - some looked good… others looked… well… okay, as I only eat tuna, grouper, flounder, clams and oysters when it comes to fish and shellfish (salmon… not me, Naomi… I tried gravlax once, but, it is made with brown sugar; so, that's a no-no). Anyone out there that I've friended, who has really good food ideas, and recipes, send them to me in a message… I would really appreciate it, since I have to watch my wife eat macadamia nut cookies… dammit, it hurts to shop with her… help me, if you can.

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SongDude 2011-05-30 14:06:48 -0500 Report

I'm learning more and more, as I'm assiduously reading like a madman… Mara, delete ingredients that raise sugar, and, go with gluten-free flour for baking sweet treats. You'll be pleasantly surprised! For example, use pure cacao, instead of bittersweet chocolate, for cookies. Using Stevia in a blend with cacao (rolling the pieces in Stevia before mixing in your batter), you've got a wonderful chocolate flavor, with a sweetness that isn't far off from the real thing. Be inventive. Substitute - wherever you see a place in the recipe that needs it. Rock on!

SongDude 2011-05-30 14:00:30 -0500 Report

Mara - I'm sorry that I confused you… I was just yakkin' with Teresa Rose. I will try to keep on point, in the future. So far, the 'jonesing' has been curbed (to a degree - but I am a Stevia nut [LoL]). Gluten-free flour, Stevia in place of sugar, and other low-fat ways around things make great cookies, and sweet breads. Go to - there are great recipe ideas that I actually 'doctor' even further to keep my sugar down, and the food's 'taste level' up. Have a great Memorial Day!

AuntieM234 2011-05-30 11:55:01 -0500 Report

Hey SongDude … wait just a minute! I thought we were talking dietary … now I'm confused! lol Seriously though, I think I can send a couple to you … I'll check. What I occasionally begin Jonesing about is not being able to have something sweet. I know it is just a psychological thing, but that doesn't help curb the craving. I've tried adapting a regular recipe (using artificial sweetener) to bake a treat, but nothing has worked for me. Can you help? Thanks. Mara

SongDude 2011-05-29 03:56:37 -0500 Report

Teresa Rose… I have really nice headphones, for when I get the late-night guitar jones. My guitar is also able to control MIDI sound modules, and the sound possibilities increase like crazy… for example, a guitar through a modern rectifier amp program, with a huge Hammond B3 organ going at the same time. Or a clean guitar, with a classical guitar/string combo sounding off… it makes things really thick, and orchestral… be well, TR, and keep on jamming whenever you can!

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-05-29 23:29:53 -0500 Report

Hey SongDude, I never even thought about headphones. Great Idea. Bought some Stevia today & looking forward to using it tommorrow! I play rythm guitar & some electric piano & I sing & write my own music. It would be nice to have my own studio. I Jam as much as I can!!!

SongDude 2011-05-30 11:27:02 -0500 Report

SongDude is my screen name here; however, all of my friends can call me by my real name, which is Darel. Teresa Rose, if you have a guitar amp with a headphone jack, you're all set. If not, you can go to any local music store, and look for the inexpensive (less than $89) practice guitar amps… most of them have a headphone jack, for quiet practice. Or, you can spend a little more, and get a larger guitar amp like a Line 6 Spyder series, for around $200 - they have built-in effects, like digital reverb, chorus, flange, echo, and - the preamp can be overdriven, to create distortion… the amp also has 'amp modeling', so, you can make your rig sound like an old Fender Tweed, or a modern Marshall - just to name a few. If you want to check out a big variety of musical gear, go to
They have everything, and, you can order gear from them online. I think that shipping is free on any items over $200. Be well, Teresa Rose, and have a great Memorial Day.

SongDude 2011-05-29 00:35:02 -0500 Report

Teresa Rose, the Guitar Rocker… here's the deal on Stevia:
It actually tastes better than Splenda, and, it sweetens more than Truvia. I can add three half-full 1/4 cup measurements to a 3 quart pitcher of iced tea, and, the flavor is just about dead on… I have lost over 16 pounds, and, I truly believe that I will lose more weight. Stevia has helped me keep my sugar in line, and that is no joke. Stevia is 100% natural… so, it costs a lot more than Equal, and a little more than Splenda… yet, you can bake with it, and get really decent results. You will really like it, and, you will also learn how to measure it over time, in any application that you use it. It doesn't leave that strange aftertaste in your mouth like Equal and Splenda, once you get used to using it, and measuring it correctly. As for any other information that I can provide, Diabetic Living magazine's reprinted entry called "What To Eat" is truly awesome, as well as their Summer 2011 entry - the way they explain portion control is really unique, and, the recipes are just like what non-diabetics have, yet, healthier. Have a great Memorial Day! (Holy Cre-Holies… tomorrow, beef ribs, and kabobs marinated in Chianti. Here's another tidbit for all of my friends here: low-fat yogurt has nearly twice the carbs of ice cream… for your sweet treat, think about a portion-controlled serving of Magnum ice cream. Belgian chocolate… oh, my word…! This is true - I checked it out, because I'm a 'doubting Thomas' by nature… they also said that the Greek yogurt is healthier for everyone to eat. I love you guys!) -

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-05-29 01:12:32 -0500 Report

Thank you for the information on the Stevia!!! This makes me really happy because I am allergic to the other artificial sweeteners like Equal & Splenda. I am especially excited that I will be able to bake & make other things using Stevia since it is measurable. I have been a cook for over 35 years & love it. I have been writing a cookbook for awhile & I am going to do a ReWritten version adapted for Diebetes. The Stevia will be a good start for some of my recipes. I just bought a bunch of yogurts, I love it!!!

SongDude 2011-05-29 00:38:32 -0500 Report

I just finished recording some tracks in my studio - wow, it's getting late… hello to the IT guys here at Diabetic Connect: it is late as heck, but, it is not 2:36 am… it is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), so, it is really 1:37 am… just trying to help… ;) Present time: 1:38 am

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-05-29 01:16:47 -0500 Report

I couldn't sleep so I got on here instead. I would play my guitar or piano or sing but I would wake everybody up so this was the next best thing. Although I could work on some new lyrics & music sheets.

majikinfl 2011-05-28 12:55:16 -0500 Report

You have likely been here but they have good recipes… and also has good information. As far as I know you can substitute Stevia or Trivia for sugar in most all recipes. It's worked for me as well as sweet n low and splenda. I hope you find some recipes to satisfy your cravings…and still be low cal.

SongDude 2011-05-30 11:16:48 -0500 Report

Thanks, majikinfl - it seems like there have been some glitches here at Diabetic Connect, as far as posts being delayed, as I just read yours today (Memorial Day). John Crowley seems to be a pretty hip guy - he'll shake up the guys in IT (go get 'em, John… by golly-gum, he's a pit bull with big teeth!). ;)

SongDude 2011-05-27 12:21:10 -0500 Report

Thank you for the like, MewElla - may you have a wonderful holiday weekend, and I'll be thinking of you while I'm eating spice-rubbed beef ribs (YUM!). Stay as wonderful as you are, and thanks, once again. ;)