Aggression during Hypoglycemia

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Hi there!
First of all, please forgive me for my poor english, as I'm from Germany… From time to time I encounter heavy hypoglycemia but I get more sensible to feel when my glucose level gets too low. Yesterday I got ONE Caipirinha in the evening and when I drink alcohol, like vodka, combined with sweet juice or things like that, I get to sleep with a normal blood glucose, but I'm really low when I wake up, so I took a little dextrose. This Morning I got a hypoglycemia, not too low, 64 mg/dl, usually I don't see that as hypoglycemia, but my wife tried to wake me up and I didn't react. After I got awake, I got really aggressive and I had the impression as if my wife wanted to tell me I'm in a hypoglycemic shock although I was sure I were not. I shouted and got more and more aggressive and my wife called the ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, I got more calm and was afraid of my own aggression I had. The made a glucose test, still 64 mg/dl and told me to have breakfast, there isn't any other Thing necessary to do. As I'm afraid I get more aggressive the more hypoglycemias I get (Years ago it didn't turn out this way, have diabetes now for 31 years), I would like to know if there are others who encountered the same development and hopefully some of you can help getting out of this 'trap'!

Thank you for your answers and good luck and a nice day to all of you!

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nanaellen 2011-05-27 14:58:16 -0500 Report

First of all I think your english is pretty darned good!! My Mom is from Germany! Secondly, if your Sugar is low in the morning try having some crackers with peanut butter before you go to sleep. Or maybe 4 oz.'s of O.J.? I've heard others say that if you have protein it usually holds you over till breakfast! Hope this helps. Not too familiar with LOW #'s just the high ones!! lol Have a great day! NanaEllen ;)

Harlen 2011-05-27 12:58:03 -0500 Report

I am going to be hard
Dont drink it is bad for us .
Yes if I drink and go low I get mean and if she waks me up I get real grumpy lol
I gave up drinking ,it was just to hard to drink and keep up with all the things I needed to.
Best wishes

MarkS 2011-05-27 10:18:07 -0500 Report

Hi ra75. A number of years ago my wife came with me to an appointment that I had with my diabetology nurse practitioner. My wife said she was concerned because when I became hypoglycemic I would get aggressive and not want to listen to anyone and accepted help only grudgingly. My wife wondered if it was some underlying neurological/psychological symptom that I might need to have treated by a psychiatrist since when my blood sugar is normal I am not aggressive by nature. The nurse said that her experience has shown that males typically get aggressive (i.e., argumentative) when hypoglycemic and females are typically melancholy (i.e., shed tears). While this is a generalization, its something to consider. While I tell myself that I'm not going to 'argue' with anyone when I get hypoglycemic I know I don't have control of my faculties.

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-05-27 05:24:45 -0500 Report

Yes it does make you nervous, and anxious which can turn to aggressiveness. I have had that problem a lot of times. The only way I am able to hold this anger back is with prayer, and knowing the person I feel angree at hasn't done anything wrong. That they are trying to help me and that they love me. My little dog has woke me up on two different occasions which both times resulted in saving my life by licking me profusely and not taking no for an answer. The only thing I know of that you might try is to check your bs before going to bed. If it is getting low drink some oj or what you usually use to bring it back to normal and always keep your doctor informed. I hope this helps. Take Care and Stay Safe