Not a Bad Colonoscopy Prep

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I had my "50" screening colonoscopy yesterday and all went well. Barring any unforeseen medical issued I am good for another 10 years.

After a clear liquid diet the day of prep I was so hungry for real food that even though I was still groggy on the way home I had Hubby stop and get me a cheeseburger from a local burger shop. I remember folding the bag around the cheeseburger and cradling it to my abdomen and Hubby telling me I could go ahead and eat it in the car. But I still has sense enough to know that "special"sauce they use would drip and so I saved it till I got home. I felt as if that was the best cheeseburger I have ever had, but I know they are always good.

Got home, ate my burger (thought about licking the extra sauce off the wrapper, but didn't), curled up on the sofa and slept until Hubby woke me yesterday evening to ask me if I wanted some pizza. Ate a slice and a half and crashed out again.

I knew I would do that, anesthesia, or even just the twilight sleep stuff they gave me yesterday, will do that to me.

I am glad I went ahead and followed through. I am well past the "50" and I have had this screening scheduled twice in the past three years but I got cold feet and cancelled both times. I had a colonoscopy back in the 80's when doctors were trying to figure out what was causing abdominal pain (turns out it was 63 gall stones and a bad gall bladder, but that's another story). Anyway, I had a very hard time with the prep-day liquid back then. It was a gallon, it had to be room temp and it was a slightly thick salty liquid with no discernible flavor other than salty (unless yuck is considered a flavor). I truly struggled to get it down and gagged and puked through the last half.

This time my doctor prescribed Movi-Prep for the prep solution. I still dreaded it, and I still hated it while having to drink it, but honestly, it was not as bad as the first time. It was only half the amount of liquid to drink as what I had to drink back in the early 80's. It tasted odd, but not odd so that it gagged me. To me it was kinda like an extra salty gator-ade type lemon-lime drink - but not an extra salty gator-ade type lemon-lime drink that you would want to drink everyday. And it could be mixed in advance and refrigerated. To me that helped since I prefer my drinks refrigerator cold.

Not that I want to do this again anytime soon, but if I do have to for any unforeseen medical issues I will definitely ask for Movi-Prep for the prep liquid!

And, as a footnote - I did not take my Metformin the night before prep-day or on prep-day. And the day of the procedure I skipped the morning dose. Overall, my BG was good - I tested about 6 times during prep-day, twice the morning of the prep & once later in the evening the day of the procedure - BG moved up & down between 94 & 124 the entire time. On prep-day I ate sugar free Jello, drank beef bouillon & drank Crystal Light. But I kept my glucose tablets handy for "just in case".

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Anonymous 2016-04-25 12:56:21 -0500 Report

COMFORT FOOD! WELL DONE! YOU DESERVED A BIT OF THE "BAD GOOD STUFF"! Colonoscopies are a REAL pain in the butt (pun). YOU are lucky they can sedate you. PICTURE ME … FULL OF THE VARIOUS DRUGS they use to "RELAX" / "SEDATE" and NONE WORKS! I simply stay WIDE AWAKE and feel EVERY bit of the procedure … especially the "AIR INJECTION" that cramps like heck! I ENVY YOU "GOING TO RELAX-CITY"!

HOPE ALL WAS OK AND YOU ARE GOOD FOR 10 YEARS! I simply roll the dice and say, "NO" unless it is under GENERAL ANESTHESIA! It's dangerous —- but without it I REFUSE to have the exam. :)

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-05-25 16:17:38 -0500 Report

Glad you had your colonoscopy and things are good. Your prep sounds better than the one I had, but my Dr. was great. I'm jealouse that you get to wait 10 yrs for the next time. I have 4 of my 5 years in between left to hope the prep gets better.

Nonna2Three 2011-05-25 16:28:31 -0500 Report

Ask for Movi-Prep. It was two 1-liter mixes - it can be mixed in advance and refrigerated. I mixed the first liter first thing in the morning and started at 1 p.m. - I had to drink 8 oz, wait 15 minutes & drink 8 more oz. until all four portions were drank. As soon as I finished the first round I mixed up the solution for the second round & refrigerated it. Started the second round at 4 and repeated the 8 oz every 15 minutes. And I had my sugar-free Jello made up for my clear liquids diet so I would get it out and eat a couple of spoons following each glass to clear the taste of the solution.

If I had known it was this much easier than my first one I would not have been so reluctant for the last three years.

Anonymous 2016-04-25 13:00:25 -0500 Report

Ya still pooped through the eye of a needle though, huh? At 20 paces! I hate the prep… I hate the exam and I always hate the doctor! I DO NOT "SEDATE" so I either have GENERAL ANESTHESIA or OR I AM AWAKE. My next one will be due when I am 79 and I seriously DOUBT it will get done. The RIGHT OF REFUSAL is at the TOP of my list.

granniesophie 2011-05-25 10:38:11 -0500 Report

Good for you for getting it done! One less thing to worry about for awhile :)
The prep is really worse than the test itself!
After my test, I went home, ate a sausage mcmuffin and went out shopping for the rest of the day with my friend who took me for the test!
I don't understand why I wasn't groggy for the rest of the day like everyone else! Maybe because I woke up for the last part of the test, so was well aware of what was going on, and even talked to the doctor, who was, by the way, a creep with no bedside manner at all-so no more seeing that doctor!!
Didn't take my meds either during prep, but was actually high during that time, so not concerned about lows, now, with meds adjustment, I would be.