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I am 64 in July and living on social security. I have just joined but am disappointed that I can not enter the contest. As I stated we live on
SS and do not have a lot including capablebilities being able to do videos, Next time, please, do not exclude someone like this. I have been told I am diabetic by a Walmart but due to no insurance and very little money I have not been able to go to the doctors. I am eating right and do some exercise (not enough) and have brought my blood glucose down to 220 average from 375 at the beginning. Thank you. PatsyAnn Freeman

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kdroberts 2011-05-24 21:11:02 -0500 Report

I wouldn't worry about it, there will likely be another contest soon. The last few have been geared around posting recipes, uploading photos and being active in discussions. If I were a betting man, which I am, I would put a small wager on future a competition based on adding product reviews and another on submitting news articles.

jayabee52 2011-05-24 20:31:54 -0500 Report

Howdy Patsy Ann!
Welcome to DC. I know how you feel. I also am unable to participate in a contest which is based on video, as I also do not have video capabilities.

But please do not let that turn you off to DC. There is a wealth of information here, as well as a boatload of support from many people who have this condition.

Please join us, and ask questions about your condition. You've got the numbers trending the right way, CONGRATULATIONS! But there is so much more to do. Stay with us and enjoy the information and the motivation from those who also "walk the walk" of trying to control our condition, rather than having it control us
Praying God's richest blessings to you and yours

James Baker

Anonymous 2011-05-24 20:43:27 -0500 Report

Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to all the information. There seems to be a wealth of it. I am rather overwhelmed right now and disappointed that I am not progressing much now. Just feeling sorry for myself right now. Tomorrow will be a better day. God bless you and yours also.


jayabee52 2011-05-24 21:21:42 -0500 Report


Yes Diabetes can be an overwhelming condition.

The best way to deal with it is by taking"Baby Steps". I liken the condition to running a marathon race. You have to pace yourself in learning about the condition. If you set off at a furious pace, like a sprinter, you may well burn out and give up or give in to despair and denial. You are right,tomorrow is another day in the marathon.

I have had this condition since 1995 and I am still learning how best to control it, and I have made a lot of mistakes over the years. And I am still here. I have a lot of complications due to those mistakes, but I believe I have gotten a good grasp of this slippery condition.

On another topic: did you really wish to be annonymous Patsy? Both you postings have been under annonymous but yet with each post, you "signed" your name beneath.
I prefer having a name to address when answering a person. I am not trying to make fun, but just wanted to point out that if you truly want to remain annonymous, you may not want to post your name. Of course, that's entirely your choice.