Book Review: 1001 Tips for Living Well with Diabetes

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My recent purchase arrived in the mail today and I just want to share with you. I had found this book, "1001 Tips for Living Well with Diabetes" at my local library and was so impressed that I ordered it from Amazon for around $6-7 delivered. It is a publication from the American Diabetes Association and is written in plain English with answers to 1001 of the most common questions about the condition. What I like most is that the book is written in a question and answer format.

While it is impossible to write out every question posed in this book I hope to peak your curiosity by asking:

"How can I tell if my diabetes program is successful?"

"What type of damage does high blood sugar do to my body?"

"How large a snack should I eat at bedtime?"

"Can I inhale insulin, so that I no longer have to take insulin shots?"

"Why do my feet burn at night when I'm trying to go to sleep?"

"Should I wear special shoes when exercising?"

The questions (and answers) go on and on in this 1184 page manuscript which addresses topics such as weight control, nutrition and meal planning, blood sugar control, medications, exercise, foot care, and so much more.

The copyright date on this publication I purchased is 2004 so I am confident that some of the information is outdated as more and more information on diabetes is discovered and released; however, for the most part the answers are common sense and motivational in nature. Any printed material is no substitute for medical advice from professionals.

I would advise you to see if this book is in your library collection to see if it is something you'd like to own. Take a look … then buy the book!

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AZnana2twins 2011-08-02 12:39:54 -0500 Report

Thank you for sharing about this book and also making the point as to also listening to our medical professionals. I had my BS drop very low (for me) and the Paramedics came to my home and they stressed to me, the fact that everyone is different. They said they have one man that they are called to help whose BS drops to 20 and is completely coherent and doesn't have the scarry symptoms I had and some have symptoms at a higher BS than mine. They said, I have to eat according to what my body responds to best and of course consult with my Dr about these drops I have had twice now in the past two weeks. I am new to all of this in respect to the proper diet for me.

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