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I have been reading a few articles recently published about the effect of bariatric surgery both gastric by-pass and gastric banding on type 2 diabetes. In both processes, significant numbers of patients went into remission on their diabetes (defined as controlled blood sugars without meds) and others saw significant improvement in their management of the disease with marked reductions in meds taken. Some studies are recognizing specific metabolic changes but the mechanism and importance of these changes have not been clearly defined. The research shows that bariatric surgery has had marked improvements and that these improvements more than justify the expense incurred and should be supported by health insurers.

I would like to know is who in the community has undergone any bariatric procedures and what has been their experience. In attending a class on the subject today, I learned that many changes are necessary in dieting and exercise behaviors and I am wondering if simply adopting those restrictions could basically have the same effect and if people have tried what has been their experience.

The recent developments in the scientific literature seem quite encouraging and I am wondering if there are any doctors or nutritionists who could add their insights as well.

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1cookie :)
1cookie :) 2011-05-24 00:19:50 -0500 Report

A few of my dental patients have had GI proceedures..most have had complications. The lapband patient had less trouble, but the band needs to be monatered often. The bipass patient had good results in the beginning as far as weight loss, but only eationg 2-3 oz of food is the limit or she would throw up. I would suggest that you reduce your food intake and exercise before you have a surgical proceedure…gastric bipass is a serious step that is not reverseable. The sleeve and lapband are and most often people choose to reverse them…

Be careful when embracing a "quick fix" to anything and also check your information source…especially if it is not verifiable. If the source can gain from you doing the proceedure then that could be their motivation…

GOOD LUCK, and proceed with caution

carithers 2011-05-30 08:56:13 -0500 Report

I agree my doctor wanted me to have lap band surgrey.But I decided to push my own weigh loss by diet and exercise. It seems to be working for me.They don't focus on the problems after the surgrey.

cheetah1976 2011-05-26 13:08:03 -0500 Report

I agree, If I had to choose again then I would not have lap band. I think you can lose just as much with diet and exercise.

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