type 1 or type 2

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I was diagnosed pre-diabetic with A1C of 5.8 because my sugars increased when i used my inhaled steriods for my asthma
because i was having trouble losing weight and all OTC diet aids and most presciption aids was counterindicated for me my primary put me on a trial of byetta lost 40 lbs went off for 6 months then went back on - after the 1 month got what I thought was the flu - after no improvement went in and saw the PA - had lab my blood sugars went out of control was put on Lantus and antibiotics but it was not until I went seen Endochronlogist 8 months later because I could not control my sugars and he was lookiing over my lab work and discussing my history that it was determined that i had medication induced pancreatitis and had burned out all my insulin producing cells. been told that I have less the 50% chance of ever producing insulin on my own again My QUESTION - AM I type 1 or type 2??? I have lost my Endo - he moved out of state so i can not address this with him note: since Sept I have decreased my A1C from 8.9 ( down from 10.4 w/ Lantus alone) to 6.2. I have beeb getting asked what type I am moref requently the last couple of months and i do not know how to repond - usully I state I am IDDM

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