Breaking the Fast

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There are a lot of questions/discussions that are brought up time and time again and belong in a "frequently asked questions" forum and Breakfast Options is definitely at the top of the FAQ list.

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I can't think of many statements that are so true for diabetics. By starting your day off with a heavier (no, not an "all you can eat" buffet) breakfast your body will have more time to burn the calories/carbs/fat than by trying to eat heavier later in the day. After so many hours without eating your body gives that "what's up?" question to the rest of your body, assuming you are on a mission to starve yourself. The body is actually smarter than the brain in this regards and rebels with higher blood sugar and tapping into the organs with a "feed me" ATM transaction, complete with surcharge.

It was hard for me to start to eat solid breakfasts after years of waking to the sound of a beer can in my 20s or doughnuts in my 30s/40s that turned into dough-BUTTS. Only from my nutritional research (and I am NOT a dietitian) did I realize just how important it is to consume nutrients for breakfast. Look at me now!!! I am 30 pounds lighter and fighter since I'm so much brighter!!!

There are a world of breakfast ideas out there that are just right for you and I would advise you to begin to list them as you find things that work well for you. I've broken some rules but never had the Breakfast Police at my door to arrest me. Let's look at some of MY menu plans and please feel free to add your own.

Eggs … omelets are not harmlets. You can use veggies and meats from leftovers, low-fat cheeses, and blintzes/crepes with fresh fruits. Consider eat beater omelets if you are anti-yolk. There are many nutritious egg recipes including frittatas, quiches, and whatever brings you a sunny-side smile.

Peanut Butter … without suggesting peanut butter fudge for breakfast, just a lower carb, high fiber bread or english muffin or tortilla base can create a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Sure beats fruit roll ups. You can add fruit or nuts for crunch and punch.

Low-Fat Yogurt … I used to HATE yogurt. Now, I am as light and fit as my preferred yogurt. A 15 g carb yogurt with an Atkins bar (both items come in great flavors) = taste with the waste or waist.

Cereals … read the labels because some cereals are only for silly rabbits but there are some wise cereal choices (look at the fiber, fibber) and stop the guilt. Cereal comes in hot (ie oatmeal) or cold (bran flakes).

Cottage cheese … you can get lower fat cottage cheese but even if you don't you'll get calcium and other nutrients that, like milk, "does a body good."

Pork Chops … what did I type? Pork chops for breakfast??? Why not??? You had them for dinner and they didn't kill you. How are pork chops so different from ham slices, sauces or bacon? Pork is pork. You can have a slab of BBQ ribs if you'd like but check out the nutritional guide. There are no rules, fools. Become a meter reader.

Makin' Bacon? Lickin' Chicken? Shakin' thighs with sweet potato fries???

It ain't what you got, it's how you use it!!!

What's your favorite breakfast???

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PetiePal 2011-05-25 08:59:01 -0500 Report

Eggs make up the MAIN almost ever day meal for me. I still treat myself once in awhile to a bagel with cream cheese but I make sure I get some exercise in or have a lighter lunch if that's the case.

One of my favorites is a wheat or whole grain Eggo waffle, and you spread fruit, peanut butter and some nuts on top. Turn it into an on-the-go burrito and you've got a protein rich breakfast that keeps you full till lunch.

As well smoothies/shakes are AMAZING for breakfast. If you have so much trouble and are tired of eggs, go for a shake as a replacement and make it simple. It's just important you HAVE that solid breakfast and it's not ridiculously high carb. I barely ever have cereal anymore.

Harlen 2011-05-22 18:11:21 -0500 Report

Way to go keep up the great work
And you right it is hard but we must do it
Best wishes

CaliKo 2011-05-22 14:40:46 -0500 Report

Excellent reminders, Ray! On the weekends I sometimes make a salad because someone here on DC once mentioned it, and it is surprising good for breakfast. I start with lettuce, pile on the leftover veggies or whatever I have in my crisper, and sometimes top with a boiled egg. And avocado if I have it. If I don't have enough carbs, I might toast one slice of whole wheat bread. I usually don't use salad dressing, but if it needs a little something, I just use a little olive oil.