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Any type 1's out there who have an insulin pump, maybe you could tell me about your experiences with them? My dr is trying to get my insurance to cover one for me and I know that there's going to be a lot to learn, so maybe getting a few people to tell me about how their experiences have been could help a little. I am still rather new to diabetes, I was diagnosed around 18 months ago and have struggled with a lot of roller coaster highs and lows, none of which I can feel at all which is the reason for the pump. I have done a bunch of reading about them, but I think personal stories help a lot more than just info. I would appreciate any help that you give me if you have the time to help. It's a little intimidating to me to say the least. i look forward to some parts of it, but some of it scares me to death.

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dippy_diabetic 2013-08-14 12:50:11 -0500 Report

It is great if you are scared of needles or if you are a busy "on the go" kind of person because it makes giving insulin so much easier and quicker also you change the cannula every 3 days instead of the 4 injections a day that I was on, it's small and fits in pretty much any pocket and you can buy clips so you can clip it to your waste and you can get cool stickers to customise it to your style. The only Downside to it is that you have to do more blood sugar tests and if something goes wrong you get VERY ill VERY quickly so always keep your injection pens! Also if you do a lot of swimming or physical sports you have to take it off for that but you are advised to only keep it off for no longer then an hour as it is constantly giving you background insulin. It has changed my life and has allowed me to have a lot more freedom especially when it comes to meal times because now I don't have to eat at a set time and I can eat sweets without having an extra injection. 100% recommend doing what ever it takes to get one!

Lori1108 2011-05-22 09:39:13 -0500 Report

I have been using insulin pumps since 1999 and cannot live without! I just got a new Paradigm last fall to upgrade the previous one. Saves me time and when away from home you don't have to worry about giving an injection besides folks looking. This saves me from per day five or more shots to change every 2 1/2 days. Also, it keeps your blood sugars more sable as long as you watch what you eat(startches). You can program it to remind you to take your blood sugars certain times of the day and enter your carbs per meal to keep better track. My One Touch communicates with to let you know if you need to give yourself extra insulin if over 200.

Wanting to sell my prior pump to catch up on current medical bills. Ebay will not allow me to sell it there. Anyone interested, email me by sending me a message. Its a Paradigm also. Thank you! Lori

sc1boy 2011-05-22 08:49:15 -0500 Report

i also have the paradigm pump and love it. I have had it going on two years and it has done wonders for me. I am still working on the right settings and getting everything straight but it is going well. Your doctor or diabetic educator will help you with the pump setup so there is no need to worry on that. Just try to keep your bs recorded so you can secd it in to the company and will not have to worry about it later. I have been a diabetic since I was 18 months old so I know what you mean about the worrrying. Good luck with everything let me know is there are any other ?.

Harlen 2011-05-21 21:51:39 -0500 Report

I am T2 with a pump and let me tell you it is a life saver from 13 to 16 shots a day ez to boles it will even cut your over all insulin use cut my by 50%
You know you can test one befor you buy one gust ask your Endo ????
Best wishes

trex1350 2011-05-21 17:12:57 -0500 Report

hello i have been a diabetic since i was nine years old i know all about the highs and lows i have been using an insulin pump for about ten years i have switched my pump to the minimed paradigm and it is a wonderful machine if your doctor is able to get it i would recommend i t highly. it is able to link with one touch ultra link blood glucose monitor to actively help calculate your dosages and even input them after you and your doctor regulate settings and adjustable scale which can be input directly into machine it takes the guess work out of diabetes. i used to be on shots and was constantly running levels over 600 and was taking more insulin as a nine year old weighing 90 lbs than a full grown adult male over 250 lbs would take. after going on the pump my blood glucose levels rarely go over 200 now. i would recommend it to all diabetics who experience the roller coaster effect. my case may be extreme but through knowing many people with different cases and the results they have had i recommend it highly


crazygirl777 2011-05-21 17:47:12 -0500 Report

Thank you so much for the info!! My sugars can range from 26 to 300 these days and since I don't feel differently no matter what they are, that's why my dr wants me to have a pump. I worry about whether I'll be able to understand how to handle it, and I'm hoping that if he can get my insurance to finally give in and cover it that I will be able to learn quickly how to use it the right way. I really want to get control of this so I can go back to safely driving and doing the things I want to do again without the worry of bottoming out without even knowing it. It wasn't a good time when I was driving my kids somewhere and I found out that my sugar was only in the 40's. This is a tough condition to understand and even tougher to manage than I thought!! Thanks again for taking the time to tell me your story! =)