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Hello everyone. My husband said something yesterday that really bugged me. We were talking about how sometimes I still want things I know I shouldn't have, and sometimes I eat those things and then my blood sugar goes up and then I feel bad because it's so much different than when I would go on a diet to lose weight and then have a little something, as Pooh would say. I knew that as long as the little something didn't turn into a lot of little somethings I was okay. I never had this kind of guilt. So I found out on March ninth, and I feel I have a pretty good understanding of the basics. But never quite recoverd my great bs levels after Hawaii. It seems that any bread whatsoever seems to mess me up, as does a lot of fruit. Mostly because I like apples and bananas and can't stand cutting them in half. As for the apples the bigger ones taste the best. So I have all this access to all this information, some of it conflicting, and my sugar just kind of goes up and down. It's partly the kidney infection that still isn't going away. Partly because I just can't quite give up tortilla chips. Well, anyway, I just feel overwhelmed with diabetes info. I read and read and have tried everything from moderating my carbs to protein but can't find anything I can really stick to. The best thing I've found so far is the high protein low carb. But the thing is that it's not just giving up sweet or sodas. It's a whole group of foods. And that's what bugged me. Darrell was like you'd think that if someone told you that a certain food would kill you if you kept eating it you'd just not want it any more. Maybe you have a food addiction. I was not happy when he said that. It's like, okay. We're not talking about one food we're talking about everything from 12 grain bread to mangos to tortillsa to pasta. It's tons and tons of food. But fear not. I'm actually getting to the positives. I may be frustrated but I am finding some things that work better than others and some things that I attempt to avoid.
First read read and read some more. Secondly, take it all with a grain of salt. Ok, also you have to find the things that work for you. Be ware of articles that sound hysterical. Bread is bad and sugar in any form is like poison even if you don't have diabetes. Sometimes scare tactics are used to sell products, so use your brain. What's been working for me so far is exercising more often. I still haven't gotten those levels where they were, but I will. Another thing I've found that works is eat more meat less bread. You can tend to have more meat and not spike your sugars. I'm still working on the fruit thing. And the big one, salad greens seem to actually lower blood sugar, especially if the salad is bigger than anything else. Now I kind of knew that, but I've been really observing that every time I eat salad my blood sugar is not so crazy. Things I need to work on, stress or pain eating. I need to find a food that I can eat as much as I want of that won't raise my sugar that I like. Cheese seems to work well for me. Not the fat free either. But I'm not gorging or anything Nuts work also but I tend to just not eat a lot, try to keep it to a fourth cup. My arthritis is very bad so exercise is a real challenge. I have actually found some breads that are very low in carbs, some even five grams. I have not bought them yet, but I have seen them on the internet. carb style seems to be good.; At the moment, I tend to shy away from the diets that are strict. Like the ones that say you can eat all the animal protein you want but don't eat yogourt or beans. I guess more to the point, I tale a little snip from this one and a little snip from that one. Another thing I need to work on is actually making diabetic recipes. It's a little scarry because of all the weird ingredients. Agave? Stevia? anyway, if anyone knows where I can get a low carb twelve grain bread let me know. I do miss my toast in the morning. But as for fruit I've noticed that the smaller ones work better. Kiwi seems to be okay. I have not had a problem with peanuts as many people seem to. I think though that if you're going to eat them they should be mixed with other tree nuts. I don't have too much problem giving up sweets, but occasionally I will have my little treat. I love bite sized candy because I know I can have one, and stick to that, every few days maybe. I occasionally have two. But I just really discipline myself on those. My other big problem is balance. Even when I'm counting carbs and am still under the limit I can have per meal my sugar spikes. So I tend to just not eat them for a while then that's all I can think about and I sit down with the bag of regular tortilla chips and hummis. And not counting how many chips I have either. And then comes the guilt when my sugar doesn't come down. If I could just balance the carbs… well anyway, I will eventually find my center. And my sugar will come down and eventually life won't be about diabetes.

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granniesophie 2011-05-19 20:51:16 -0500 Report

Ray makes lots of sense-I like to read what he posts, you will too! (Maybe not the handcuffs thing, so much!! :))
A sense of humor is, I think, one of the MOST important tools in dealing with this disease, it will help you go with all the ups and downs you'll go through.
Just keep rocking that horse, and posting what you feel, we are all in this together, so get your support where you may.
If you haven't already friended me, and would like to, welcome, and if you have,(cause I'm real bad at keeping track!) welcome again!!

RAYT721 2011-05-19 12:53:22 -0500 Report


Unless your husband is carrying a badge or handcuffs, he probably shouldn’t be taking on the role of “diabetes police” to tell you what’s right or wrong for your diet, body, moods, or meter readings. Unless he is carrying a stethoscope he probably shouldn’t be taking on the role of doctor and unless he’s got a degree in nutrition, he probably shouldn’t be asked for or offering dietary recommendations. But, that’s okay… odds are he may be speaking out of love, which isn’t such a bad thing.

Our condition, diabetes, is a YOU-nique disease because what works for one person cannot and will not work for another. We need to eat in order to live although there are times we sometimes end up living to eat.

I once heard the expression, “you are what you eat” and I am an example because I am almost completely NUTS. (grin)

From my research, the only thing that is truly safe to overdose on is water. One week this is good and the next week it’s bad. Who can keep track? The answer? Your glucose meter!

Your glucose readings are not completely based on food choices. Your exercise, moods, medication (if applicable), and just general health all play roles in your body’s insulin production, or lack of. Time and testing will help you figure out what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll have highs and lows on a daily if not hourly basis but you’ll have a plan and you CAN be successful in control.

Control, in my opinion, is not just about glucose control but about portion control, weight control, mood control, and self-control.

I think you hit it right on with the comment about scare tactics being used to sell products. Neither sugar nor sugar substitutes are 100% good or bad and if you find a menu that has neither, you’re going to be a sour person. It’s really about balance, moderation and common sense to find what works for you and what you’re happy with.

As a newly diagnosed diabetic, you seem to have yourself together. Sure, you’ve still got questions … we all do. It’s just not up to your husband or any of us to tell you when you’re messing up. That’s up to you, your meter, doctor, and/or dietitian.

For the time being explore your new world with trial and error on diet, exercise, medication, meditation and getting your hubby to hand in his badge and handcuffs. Oh, well, maybe just the badge! 

blindbluesmama 2011-05-19 15:24:29 -0500 Report

thanks. I love my hubby but those who drink bear and smoke… other things, shouldn't try and tell me what to eat or whatever. But you are right he does do it out of love. I'm glad there's people reading my posts. I'm always a little scared to write because I admit right up front, I am really not the poster child for diabetes control. I think the first week I was because I was scared to eat and I was walking every day. Then my legs started hurting all the time and I didn't do it for a while. And that's the way it goes. I do good eating for a while then I decide that I'm just tired of being good,k so I'm not.I don't have a dietican because at the moment I figure there's so much information out there why spend that money just for one more person to say no you can't have this and try to make me stick to a diet. I'm going to make my own choices. Nobody's going to tell me I have to eat cooked veggies or I can't ever have certain foods. But having said that, I am changing my life style. But I'll get into that in another post.