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I have type 1 Diabetes and have only had it for the past 18 months or so. I was diagnosed during my 4th pregnancy. It was terribly hard to control my sugars during my pregnancy, I ended up losing weight and I was on a lot of insulin. After the birth of our son, things were easier to control for the first few months, but now it's becoming hard again to control my sugars and it's really frustrating! If I don't eat anything at all, my sugar is totally stable and stays below 120 all day. When I eat, my 2hr sugars can range from 150-220 and then about 30 min later, I bottom out, sometimes as low as 26. This makes it really hard to go anywhere, especially with my kids since I never know what is going to happen with my numbers. I don't feel my lows coming on anymore until they get below 50. I have been behind the wheel too many times with this happening. My endo wants me to get a pump but my insurance won't cover it and we are way too poor to afford it. It's just really frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am having a hard time managing the stress of it all and along with my chronic pain and headaches it's really getting in the way of me living my life and enjoying anything anymore. I hate food now and I hate the idea of eating. Insulin is very painful for me and I take Lantus 2 times a day (4 units in the morning and 3 units at night) and Novolog with every meal (1 unit for every 20 carbs now) . It's not the needles that are painful to me, it's the actual insulin. For some reason it burns really badly with me. I also bruise really easily so of course I am covered with bruises from injecting the insulin. I'm not making a sob story here or looking for a pity party or anything, just spitting out the truth. I don't want this to rule my life, I want to rule IT. I want to be able to be like the other diabetics I have seen and just roll with it. I just can't seem to be able to do it.

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MoeGig 2011-05-19 20:52:08 -0500 Report

I understand your problem, which is the same problem I've had to deal with. There are three articles I've written from my experience of 46 years of successfully dealing with Type 1 diabetes. Rather than repeat it all here, check out my link: http://typeonediabetic45.blogspot.com/

crazygirl777 2011-05-19 21:26:54 -0500 Report

Thank u so much! I read what u wrote and I am going 2 talk 2 my dr about it when I see him next week. I sometimes kind of follow that diet on days that I am really frustrated. I find myself putting together meals made up of very low carb foods that add up 2 less than 15 carbs total so I dont have 2 take my novolog. Its nice 2 get a little break. I find that if I do it all day though I end up bottoming out during the night. So I have 2 take in some carbs in the form of fruit and at least 1 slice of bread or some crackers. (usually an apple and 2 graham crackers) I just have 2 be careful not 2 drop weight as I cant really afford 2 lose much at all. Thanks again 4 taking the time 2 read my post and 4 all the information! Have a great weekend! :)

wrmjw1 2011-05-19 12:00:22 -0500 Report

Youre not alone in that, I was diagnosed last year. It was hard for me at first, very hard. Im used to eating pizzas all the time, that was my eating routine. I never had to worry about breakfast, lunch, or dinner because I ate the same thing for all 3 meals. After I was diagnosed my sister took to the grocery store and had me pick up some healthier food. Some of my bs's are okay but then all of a sudden they will jump. Ive never been as low as 26, if i did Id probably go into a comma. The lowest Ive been was a 47 and I was really messed up then. Lately my sugars at night have been kinda low as far as bedtime goes. I have to eat alot just so that when I wake up in the morning my bs is okay. I used to take Novolog as well, it wasnt that bad for me. When I showed my doctor my bs's after taking novolog for about a month, he took me off of it. Now I take 12 units in the morning and 6 units at night of Novilin N. That seems to control my sugar pretty good, sometimes a little too good. Its very difficult to just roll with diabetes, I had a very difficult time with the syringes because of my fear of needles. It took me about a month and a half for me to get comfortable just giving myself my insulin. You shouldnt compare yourself to other diabetics, because everybodys situation is different. The only thing I would suggest to you is call your doctor and endocrinologist and have them discuss your insulin intake, maybe you may need either a smaller dose or a large dose. They should also check about your bruises. I know Im not the formost expert on it but when things seem difficult your doctors are ther to take some of the pressure off.

indymlb 2011-05-19 10:32:20 -0500 Report

Sorry you are having difficulties but glad to know I'm not alone. I've had diabetes for 20 years now and don't think I've ever had control. The constant roller coaster of highs and lows with blood sugars is exhausting! I know other diabetics who have gone on the pump, including my own diabetes doctor. I've received a mixed review of how well the pump helps them. There may be financial assistance available to you since your insurance does not cover the cost of the pump. I belivev Amy Tenderich had posted information on resources for financial assistance at one time…search this website and I bet you'll find something. I understand how you feel; just hang in there and know that you have friends here to vent to when you need help. Best wishes!

crazygirl777 2011-05-19 11:14:12 -0500 Report

Thank you so much. I wish you the best as well. I hope things get better for you too! It's so nice to have a place to come to where people can understand me and what I am going through. I'll look around and see about the financial assistance about the pump, thanks for the info!! =)

ZannaSu 2011-05-18 23:42:29 -0500 Report

I'm so sorry you are dealing with this on top of chronic pain issues! I'm a Type 2, so no practical experience for Type 1, but wanted to add to Dietcherry's reply. I find Protein-Powder a godsend too when I am sick of measuring and weighing food and calculating carbs, but I use a low-glycemic index brand from Nature's Plus, it's just a basic Energy Shake (I like the strawberry best) but it only has 2g of carbs per scoop, so it works well for me, helps keep my post meal bs lower and the overall intervall between meals relatively flat since it's low-glycemic and that takes longer for my system to work through. AND I know I'm getting what my body needs without a full meal. (I usually add a little fruit and some ice and put it all in the blender. That gives it more bulk and it takes longer to drink but on a hot Texas day, ice is very nice!)

On the chronic pain issue and the pain you are experiencing from the insulin, I've used ice as well. I have pain issues regulary and since most pain (per my neurologist and physiatrist) is inflammatory in nature, I would think that your skin, tissues and nerves are likely to feel even the displacement under your tissue caused by the liquid insulin as more intrusive and therefore painful than most. I take my insulin in my abdomen, but my doctor has said when my pain makes those areas ultra-sensitive, I can inject in my thigh, which usually helps. Talk to your doctor about alternate sites. I sure hope he/she can come up with other options for you.

Good Luck! Don't give up. When I first went on insulin there was quite a bit of trial and error as we balanced my long-term and fast-acting insulins. I probably didn't really get to the "balanced" mix until about year 3. During that time I was losing weight and working on stress issues, etc. So I was constantly changing my body's needs. Made it hard for them to find the right combination of medications for me. I'm 72 units of long-acting — I use Levemir—daily (32AM/40PM) and 1u of Novolog per 10 carbs per meal.

crazygirl777 2011-05-19 08:20:06 -0500 Report

Thanks so much…I'll look into the protein powder and see what my dr thinks. I appreciate all you guys taking the time to help me out! I really need all the information I can get and all the advice I can gather. I am going to try to inject in my thighs again but when I tried before, because I am so small, I always ended up hitting muscle and that was pretty painful as well. It's frustrating to say the least. Sometimes it works though. On the days that I am totally frustrated, I just eat things like scrambled eggs and cheese and hamburger and things like that which I don't end up taking insulin at all for since there aren't enough carbs in them to require me to take even 1 unit. Taking a break even for one meal sometimes is all I need to adjust my "attitude" and then I feel better and can deal again with all the counting and trying to figure out how to create a meal that can work out number wise with my insulin. No one ever said that this would be easy, but no one ever warned me how hard this really would be. All you guys who have been doing this for years have all my respect!! You guys really are strong people!! Thanks for your time!! =)

dietcherry 2011-05-18 22:40:16 -0500 Report

Im suprised that you have Hypoglycemic Unawareness having only been diabetic for 18 months or so. Protein powder has been a Godsend for me in helping stabilize my blood sugar and supressing my appetite. You may want to try it.
I have no advice for you obtaining a pump-sorry!
Lantus does sting and my suggestion is using ice to numb the site. Youre not using a lot of Lantus-Im on 30 units once a day. Maybe thats why your running high? Why does your Dr have you split the dose?
I have Hypoglycemic Unawareness after 31 years of T1 so my Endo opted to keep me on Humulin R instead of switching to Humalog so I dont drop dangerously low as quickly and not realize it. Maybe thats an option for you.
I dont know what to tell you except maybe you need to be on more Lantus and less Humalog. It can involve a bit of tweaking to find your ideal dosage. Good luck!

crazygirl777 2011-05-19 08:13:14 -0500 Report

I'm not totally sure why my dr had me start splitting my dose of Lantus, I think it had to do with the fact that I was bottoming out during the day when I was taking all 7 units in the morning and then my fasting sugars were a bit on the high side also. Since I started splitting the dose, I guess it's been better. It's hard to understand what to do …even my dr is kind of not knowing what to do and has told me that I am one of the most confusing type 1's that he has dealt with. But he is very reassuring and does his best to help me out and ease my worries and stress level, at least where the diabetes is concerned. When I was pregnant, I had to take 20 units of long acting and 4 units per 10 carbs of fast acting and even that wasn't enough towards the end and I was limiting my carb intake to maybe 20 grams per meal..that's why I lost weight. But, I don't have many places to inject as I am a pretty small person. So I use the nano needles and even then I end up hitting muscle a lot of the time. I think that's where a lot of the pain comes in too. I don't know, I just keep on researching and listening to people and hoping that I can help my dr help me. Thank you for your help!! =)

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