Muscle Pain - Is It Normal For Diabetics?

By SongDude Latest Reply 2011-05-22 10:48:43 -0500
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Hello, everyone.

I suffer from back pain, due to multiple back surgeries - but, more recently, since I started my 20 unit Lantus regimen before bedtime, along with my morning and evening 500 mg Metformin dosing, my pain threshold has gotten very low - in other words, I hurt more - in more places. Is this normal for people who, like myself, have been diagnosed with Type 1 late in the game, as I have?

The weather lately has been overcast, and rainy - before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I still had pain on those 'low pressure cell' days - but, now, I have a major pain underneath my shoulder blade. My wife, Linda, says that it is more than likely my scapular muscle - she's a licensed message therapist, and, her massage techniques usually helped with most pain.

This time, however, nothing seems to help, and it feels similar to a 'charley horse' - but, sometimes, it can take my breath away. My breathing, otherwise, is fine. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow, but, has anyone ever had a similar experience? Thanks.

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cavie2 2011-05-22 10:48:43 -0500 Report

For the past 3 months I have suffered a severe pain under my right shoulder blade and it often comes through to the front just under my right breast the pain is so intense it takes my breath away. I am on Co-codamol painkillers which is a mixture of paracetamol and codene if I have to be honest it does not do much for the pain but within 10 -30 minutes of taking 2 capsules I have to go lie down on my bed and usually fall asleep for between 3-7 hours at a time. I am waiting on physiotherapy at our local hospital and it has a 5 month waiting list. In the meantime I have been going weekly for reiki massages which have helped slightly with the pain, but I still have it. The Doctor said it was a trapped nerve. I had blood tests and x-rays taken at my local hospital and they came back clear of anything untoward in my lungs, and breast (I thought I had breast cancer)

SongDude 2011-05-20 14:30:51 -0500 Report

My second sugar crash happened last night - it was really scary. I'd only had that feeling once before (two years ago), and a high-fructose soft drink saved me, that time. I felt disconnected; my vision was splotchy, like a bad acid trip… my face was tingly, and the dizziness made my stomach very ill. Reason for crash - I didn't eat all day yesterday. I know, I know… stupid. I managed to serve myself some leftover spaghetti without passing out, or knocking anything over - and, the bad feeling went away soon thereafter. Total calories consumed yesterday - less than 1000. Since I've started my diabetic diet, it has been disheartening - as most of my favorite foods aren't permitted, or, they have to be in very small portions. It is time for me to stop the roller coaster. I got my free meter (thanks for the heads-up, J Crowley!) - but, no strips. I am getting strips TODAY - along with control solution. Forewarned, is forearmed. I don't want what happened last night - to happen again. Today - so far - I had one toasted bagel, with 'Heart Smart' margarine. So far, I feel normal, aside from the nagging pain in my back. Tonight, I will make sure to eat earlier. As a newcomer to this thing I have called diabetes, I will pay closer attention to my body's needs, from here on out.

SongDude 2011-05-19 11:52:22 -0500 Report

Kattarat - thanks for the information. Today, I'm still dealing with the pain… but, it's getting better. Waiting for blood work up results, and, enjoying the last week of spring in the Deep South - before next week arrives with 90 + degree temps. Summer down here can be awful… but, if you're at the beach - it's great. Hmm… maybe that's the ticket… ;)

kattarat 2011-05-18 16:03:23 -0500 Report

You should deff talk with your dr, I know i have experienced those symptoms as well but the dr says its diabetic neuropathy and bad muscle spasms..good luck

Gimpalong 2011-05-17 14:41:12 -0500 Report

Have you had a history of gall stones or kidney stones? You really need to see your doctor with this. I have fibromyalgia but my pain is more muscular than one isolated area. When I have a pancreatic attack, it hits me in my back and takes my breath away like a sharp knife. I pray that you can get some answers, and also relief from the pain. Pain wears a person down, but it also raises your BG's. God bless you and yours.

SongDude 2011-05-18 15:14:22 -0500 Report

Nancy -
Thanks for your response. 1990 - right kidney; stones passed. 2000 - left kidney, multiple stones. Had a stent inserted from my bladder, to my kidney via the ureter, and it was two weeks of pure, unadulterated misery. No stones passed, until I underwent lithotripsy (!). 2010 - right kidney; lengthy pain, and the stones passed, with a fair amount of bright red blood at the end of urination. I delayed getting it attended to, and, it developed into a kidney infection that wasn't treated until two months ago. My right kidney is no longer 100%…

Today's doctor visit - more blood work, and a blood pressure check. I lost 11 lbs. in the last two weeks. Not bad, eh? However, I overheard the doctor use the term leukocytes, or, leukocytic - when she was communicating to the lab. I'm now very nervous. More prescriptions are to follow, once the blood work comes back - according to my doctor. The pain today has been manageable, but, it still feels similar to a 'charley horse' kind of sensation - not a 'knife in the back' feeling. Please include me in your prayers, as I will include you - and all of us here in Diabetic Connect - in mine. Be well, Nancy, and everyone -


SongDude 2011-05-18 15:25:07 -0500 Report

Now, I see why many of us here are so frustrated… kidney cancer took my paternal grandmother; my father died of metastatic cancer that started in his left lung, and migrated EVERYWHERE (he had a brain tumor that was as big as my fist, and went blind before he died, under my care with hospice). My mother died of a stroke, but, was on life support for nearly seven years before her death. My maternal grandparents, and one aunt, also died from cancer. Yep - I'm definitely nervous…


Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-05-21 19:54:41 -0500 Report

Cancerhead is very hard to fight. Understand your nerves. Too many relatives fought the beast. Esophagus, Leukemia, colon, breast.
Hope you have good test results back by now. Waiting is awful. Spent last Memorial Day Weekend on pins and needles, then until the first week of June for the complete answer. Seemed every decision for months was based on "depends what the pathology shows".