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I planned to buy a air popcorn popper and some popcorn yesterday. I was surprised to see how many carbs it has. I'd like to have popcorn for lunch. Sometimes which means I'd eat about 4 cups. Thats minimum 25 carbs! Why do I think that's just too much?

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Kris_in_FL 2016-03-16 14:37:47 -0500 Report

I bought this popper maybe 15 years ago and it still works wonderfully and it's inexpensive; Walmart lists it at less than $15. Presto PowerPop Microwave Popcorn Popper

ravenmoon33 2011-05-19 01:53:40 -0500 Report

I pop popcorn in the microwave in a regular brown paper lunch bag. It's the same as air popped with no butter or salt. If you like butter, I use the Best Life butter spray. It adds no carbs or calories and has some healthy soy in it :) I can never eat 4 cups i stick to about a cup to a cup and a half to avoid spikes in my sugar.

Armourer 2011-05-19 00:46:27 -0500 Report

I buy a case of Orville Redenbacher 94% fat free for the microwave. Rest of the family won't eat it. My diabetes educator didn't like the fact that I eat the whole bag, said I should half it (ya,ya). I adjust my insulin for it but for some reason it doesn't spike my BG very much. I'm one of those that Gabby posted about. But I can't touch wheat pasta or brown rice, they spike my BG big time.

2011-05-17 18:59:45 -0500 Report

If you think about it, Cookie, popcorn is corn. And corn, no matter what type it is, it's still carbs.(it's the starch) I know, it's a bummer. When I changed my style of eating, (I'm a vegan, who eats no carbs, no dairy, and no fruit.) But it's hard at the begging to lessen the carb intake, but trust me, it gets easier as time goes by.

GabbyPA 2011-05-17 12:27:16 -0500 Report

Oh the days of popcorn...how I miss them. I am a freak for popcorn just about any way they make it. You have to remember, it is CORN...a starchy vegetable. So it is high in carbs. Now, it is also high in fiber and that is why some people can eat it anyway. For me, I cannot eat anything corn...at all. But I still eat some my my husband's when he pops a bag. The dog gets most of it though. She loves it too.

The problem with eating JUST popcorn for lunch is that it is ALL carb. There is very little to stop a spike. What you might want to do is find a way to combine it with the meal a little. Give you more balance in it. The other thing to do is to test before you eat that popcorn and then test after to see how high it sends your levels.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-05-18 08:54:57 -0500 Report

Growing up every Saturday night Mom (aka The Cake Lady) served pizza and popcorn for super. A few times she chose this for our current Tuseday Ladies Night at Mom's. Taht combo doesn't realy work for my BG now. Sometimes she will tell me the menu so I can bring my safe food.

nanaellen 2011-05-17 12:20:21 -0500 Report

I just watched this on the Dr.'s Show last week or so! They said eating a bucket of popcorn in the movie theater is equivalent to 3 Big Mac's!!! Have you tried "Butter Buds"? It has no fat or calories and of course no sugar but it tastes surprizingly like butter! I also like the "I can't believe it's not butter" spray! And you can also use just about ANY dried seasonings to flavor. Just a thought! Ellen

sNerTs1 2011-05-17 00:16:49 -0500 Report

I eat popcorn and always justify it by putting some cashews in with the popcorn. Protein and popcorn YUMMY lol. OK thats not much of a justification but thats what I tell myself when I really get hungry for it. And YES, theater popcorn is my downfall too!

Ray had some great suggestions as well. I often put Parmesan cheese on mine.

Hugs ~ Cheryl

GabbyPA 2011-05-17 12:29:06 -0500 Report

I like it that way too, but it's in Poppy Cock....OUCH! The sugar in that is enough to rot your teeth. But it is good. I have not had it in years. Thank goodness.

I like the parm idea as well. You know you can dehydrate cauliflower that is tossed in olive oil and seasonings and it makes a great alternative to popcorn with almost no carbs.

Kirla 2011-05-16 15:53:26 -0500 Report

25grams carbs minus the fiber equals about 20grams net carbs per 4 cups. I couldn’t eat that much popcorn with out it spiking my blood sugar. One thing I learned over the last 2 years is sometimes we can try and balance the carbs with some protein or fats. I would try and cut the popcorn to maybe 2 cups and then eat some chicken, turkey, lean beef or maybe a hard boiled egg with it and then test one hour after eating to see how high your blood sugar spiked. You may have to cut it to 1 cup popcorn if you spike too much. I used to drink a low carb protein shake like Atkins or EAS brands at lunch with my meal. I now drink the protein shakes in the morning when I wake up. I found drinking the protein shake first thing in the morning helps keep my blood sugar from spiking too much in the morning. Just got to make sure there low carb. Not all protein shakes are. Read the label.

Armourer 2011-05-23 00:55:34 -0500 Report

I thought protein shakes were a great idea, and had a neighbor who is diabetic gave me a bag for she didn't like the taste. Taste was fine for me. Powder was 32 grams of protein and 7 grams of carb. Liked the convienence, but it spiked my BG big time! Yet quinoa which only has 8 grams of protein and 31 grams of carb I can eat just fine. LOL.

RAYT721 2011-05-16 15:06:25 -0500 Report

Consider checking out a thrift shop for your air popper to make sure you like it. A decent one should only run around $5 or so and I am willing to bet many of them will hardly be used.

You are right about the carb count for 4 cups, if that's what you consider a "serving size" to be for a lunch. 25 grams of carbs is not a god awful amount for a filling lunch. I see recipes containing 40 50, 60 and more grams of carbs per serving. Compare those 25 grams of carbs to the gram counts of carbs on sandwiches and your popcorn lunch will be as nutritious as many other lunches. Consider adding sprinkled Parmesan cheese to the popcorn for more flavor. Others add taco spice or other flavors besides just butter flavoring. The popcorn carbs are a "good" carb. Let your meter tell you if your body is having issues with the luncheon selections you have a taste for. Did you know that people in Colonial America would often eat popcorn for breakfast???

Analysis by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that 1 cup of air-popped popcorn contains 31 calories, 1g of protein, 6g of carbohydrates and 1.2g of fiber. Air-popped corn is fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free.

In contrast, the same amount of oil-popped popcorn contains 55 calories of which 27 are from fat. It also has 1g of protein, 6g of carbohydrates and 1.1g of fiber. Oil popping also adds 3g of fat and 97mg of sodium per cup.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/157609-air-...

People trying to lose weight and/or diabetic need to remember that starvation is not the answer to control or weight loss. The body needs fuel to run on. Don't overdo it but make sure to get enough calories, fat, protein, carbs, vitamins, etc.

Harlen 2011-05-16 14:00:24 -0500 Report

Thats realy not that much how are you taking care of your D?
The bad thing for me is I cant have it without butter lol
Best wishes

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-05-16 14:47:09 -0500 Report

This is my down fall too. I don't mind the carbs much since popcorn is a whole grain and thus has a good bit of fiber and it doesn't wreck my blood sugar but I know I use way too much butter. I can cut butter if I use popcorn salt but then that brings another bad fish into the bucket, lol.

edvel54 2011-05-16 13:07:50 -0500 Report

yes, It has carbs, but it is low in calories, low in fat, low in sugar. It is a lot better for your than potato chips.

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-16 14:38:32 -0500 Report

Yeah it's better than chips but I couldn't care less about chips or most snack items. I will eat some peanuts ssometimes.
I was looking at popcorn for an occasional lunch. By the way if popcorn has carbs why wouldn't air popped have carbs?

cottoncandybaby 2011-05-16 22:23:44 -0500 Report

Air-popped still has carbs, but doesn't have the added fat from the butter that the micro-wave packets contain. That is the worst part of micro-wave popcorn, it does have a lot of fat & salt (which of course is what makes the taste so yummy), but there are low fat such as the "Smart Pop" popcorn that is almost totally fat free.

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