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Ms Julie
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Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to do with my morning bg ? In the mornings my bg is low in the 60s . I wake up with a bad headache nd sometimes i feel cold nd clamy . What type of snacks do i eat at night time before i go to sleep .

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bhowell 2011-05-16 13:40:37 -0500 Report

Would your current diet allow you to eat an apple before bed? That sometimes helps. Or perfphaps your insulin might need to be discussed with your doctor. There are many different types. Some are slow acting, or delayed. I would definitely discuss with your endocrinologist. Hope this is helpful.

Ms Julie
Ms Julie 2011-05-17 04:03:22 -0500 Report

Thank u . Yes my diet does allow fruit . I will have to try that .
I go to the Drs . tommorow so we will see what she says . Im not on insulin yet but maybe that will be the answer . I take Metformin right now .


MewElla 2011-05-15 13:40:26 -0500 Report

I used to have the same problem when I was newly diagnosed. My dr had me to test about 1 hr before bedtime, and if I was 100; I was to have a snack…Always lower than 100, usually about 72-80; eat pntbutter on graham cracker. This is a slow digesting food that works wonders for me until I get up, check numbers are normal and then eat my breakfast. When you drop 70 or below, you have low blood sugar and I agree the cold, clammy, headache, dizzy feeling from low blood sugar is scary and one that I watch very carefully. I have been doing this about 15 months and it works for me.

cavie2 2011-05-17 04:12:00 -0500 Report

MewElla you have started me on the pntbutter but can't seem to find graham crackers in this country, spoke to staff in our local Asda and the man said no they don't have them, I then explained what I needed them for and he started shouting at me that they DON'T SELL THEM. I just said 'Thank you for your time you have been so helpful and I do appreciate you going that extra mile for your customers'

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-05-17 04:42:09 -0500 Report

I think they are called digestive biscuits in your country. To make a crust similar to a graham cracker crust people use digestive tea biscuits and rich tea biscuits. Maybe one of them would work for you.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-05-17 04:52:43 -0500 Report

My husband used yahoo and searched graham crackers called in England. I forgot you are in Scotland. I think my husband has a wee bit of the Scotts in his family.

cavie2 2011-05-17 05:02:02 -0500 Report

Jingsy Crivens!!! So your married to Royalty. Jist remember tae tell him if wearing the Kilt, nae underwear. lol

re1ndeer 2011-05-15 13:34:16 -0500 Report

I was told to have a protein with a carb for better glucose control.

For example, A slice a cheese with a cracker.

Hope this helps.

Zolar1 2011-05-15 17:34:35 -0500 Report

It's not so much eating the protein as it is the fat. Fat is what slows carb absorption the best, but can elevate basal blood sugars for days, even a week.

If you want to drop morning blood sugars, try drinking 1/2 gallon of water at bedtime. Make sure the nite lite is on LOL. I managed to get my morning numbers down to under 90 when I wasn't using insulin. Not, it ranges from 100 to 130 ( sigh )

You could also eat lighter at dinner time and exercise a bit before bedtime.

Ms Julie
Ms Julie 2011-05-15 20:02:28 -0500 Report

I would definetley have to have the nite light on or sleep in the bathroom . Lol !
Thank u . I like this nd all the other to .

honeybee59 2011-05-19 22:08:58 -0500 Report

Hey Ms. Julie…so far you are the only one that got what I said! I was just trying to lift up spirits! LOL Oh Man, I'm on a roll, huh? LMBO

Ms Julie
Ms Julie 2011-05-19 22:17:32 -0500 Report

I need my spirits lifted . It sounds like ur on a roll . LMBO ! Give me some of your happiness . I need some today .

Zolar1 2011-05-19 20:35:52 -0500 Report

Oh, did I forget to mention I double as a depends dealer? LOLOLOL

Also, you may have to try that water trick for a few days. Once might not be enough time for your body to thin out the blood sugars.

Bama13 2011-05-15 13:28:36 -0500 Report

eat nuts or penutbutter try that and c how it works out

CharleneMcD 2011-05-16 13:25:55 -0500 Report

So far my numbers haven't dropped below 90 so haven't had to deal with extreme lows, but what do you suggest as a replacement for the peanuts - (I have an allergy problems with them)?

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