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Tamra Hodge
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I was wondering if anybody else has this? Plus I stay so tired all the time,and my mood swings are crazy. I am new at this,so I am needing all information I can get. I checked my BS and it was 79. I take 1 pill a day. I have lost 30 lbs so far and still need to lose more, but I feel I am on the right track. So if anybody has anything else that can help me, PLEASE advise me. Also another question. Does anybody stay hot all the time. One minute I'm cold and then the next Feel like I'm sweating. I am 47 and I am menopausing,so could it be a combination of both or my diabetes? Sorry for so many questions, but just trying to find out as much as I can.

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2011donnaann 2011-05-16 13:02:51 -0500 Report

Is intense stomach pain associated with diabetes or just coincidence? I've complained to my doctor for years that my stomach hurt intensely and after many test came up with nothing. I constantly feel like I have "rocks" in my upper stomach and just recently I began to feel really sick just before I ate, and right after I ate.

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-14 20:01:16 -0500 Report

I too am diabetic (t2) and going through menopause. Heat is a constant issue for me. Before menopause I was rarely very hot. Then when I had a hystorectomy and fairly soon after I started with night sweats and hot flashes. Then i was diagnosed with diabetes and soon after going on medications heat became my constant companion.
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dietcherry 2011-05-14 18:52:11 -0500 Report

I get stomach pain too usually when my blood sugar is high; fatigue is common for a lot of diabetics; the mood swings come with fluctuating blood sugar levels and some of us are more sensitive to it than others; It can be 70 degrees in my house and I can go back and forth between chilliness and breaking a sweat. Mine could be hormones too but after Ive had a low, Im freezing!

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