I'm going through a divorce and the stress is raising havoc with my diabetes

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Started 2011-05-09 14:25:22 -0500

My blood sugars have been high basically since he walked out 7 weeks ago. I keep bolusing (I have a pump) but don't really want to adjust my basal rates too much hoping my stress hormone will come down some. I find myself still having crying spells and being out of control to short periods of feeling strong.I'm seeing a therapist but this is affecting everything and won't go away. We were married for 32 years.

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kristilroberts 2013-08-06 16:53:33 -0500 Report

I recently went through the same it does get easier in time I promise keep going to therapy it helps with the stress and stress is real bad for us I'm so sorry for your pain

tabby9146 2011-05-10 08:58:45 -0500 Report

so sorry you are going through this. I know that is one of the most stressful things in life, like a death, just like jayabee said. I hope you will keep trying to take care of yourself, I hope there are things that can be done, some adjusting of meds. and you will get better soon, cause what you are going through is bad enough, not to have your health not be as good as it was. I will say a pray for you.

jayabee52 2011-05-10 04:35:48 -0500 Report

OH WOW Linda! That is SO sad when a marriage breaks for any reason. As Dr Gary said, it is not unlike a death. It is at least the death of a dream the two of you would live "happily ever after".

I've lost one spouse to divorce, and one to death. They were both earth shattering and life changing for me, but for me divorce was the worst for very many reasons.

I pray that you'll come through this, perhaps a bit wiser now. I pray that God will heal your emotional scars, as He did when I met the lady currently in my profile pic. God really blessed me when she contacted me on Dating4Disabled.

But please give yourself time to heal from the emotional trauma. I went through a program called "Divorce Recovery" at a local church, and it helped me. If your divorce was especially rough, you might even want to go through it more than once.

It took me about 5 years to be at the right place emotionally to enter into another relationship. All the time I was taking courses like anger management, relationship readiness, ect to work on trying to make me a better husband for the next time. I also prayed that God would prepare a wonderful mate for me, and IMO He did a spectacular job. Jem said she prayed much the same prayer, and she was (according to her long time friends and family) quite pleased what God did with me.

Just don't jump into another relationship right away. Give your emotions time to settle from this. I tried to just jump into online dating right away, but I kept saying and doing things which said I wasn't really ready.

Praying for you in your time of hurt and grief.

With tears,

James Baker

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-05-09 20:37:41 -0500 Report


This is a very big loss that you are working through, as I suspect your therapist has also told you. The end of a relationship is not unlike a death in that way. Each of us grieves in our own way, and it takes whatever time it is going to take. Go easy on yourself, let yourself feel bad when you feel bad, don't pressure yourself to "move on" until you are ready. It takes time for your grief to work itself out.

I am glad you are in therapy, this is a very good time to reach out for help. Letter hin/her know what's going on with you, as well as your doctor.

We are hanging in there with you. Stay in touch with us. Keep us posted.

My thoughts are with you,


MewElla 2011-05-09 15:45:03 -0500 Report

Bless you…please remember, you are not alone, we are always here for you…my thoughts and prayers are with you..

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-09 15:39:11 -0500 Report

Linda, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I can imagine that your numbers are going crazy. Please come here and vent whenever you need. I will pray for you.

Harlen 2011-05-09 15:31:25 -0500 Report

I am sorry Linda
Some men are just not to bright and they let the best things in life slip from them .
You are now on a new journey and Life is good
Take it one step at a time ,think of all the new things you will do,see and feel
Best wishes and please keep us posted on hoe your doing

cherokee925 2011-05-09 14:46:02 -0500 Report

Be patient with yourself it is going to take time to get adjusted please try to keep your stress level down as best as you can it is not good for us diabetics to get stressed out.

Decide not to live by how you feel. Go deeper than that and start living by what you know. You know God is in control. You know He's got a great plan for your life. You know His power is greater than any other power. When you wake up and those old negative, discouraging thoughts and feelings come, shake them off. Be done with that roller coaster living. Don't give into your emotions and let them keep you from God's blessings and promotion. Start choosing to live each day in God's peace. Decide that you're going to have a great day. By doing so, you will see God work in your life in greater ways because your eyes are fixed toward Him instead of your situation, and you'll live the life of victory He has in store for you!