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i have a friend thats found out shes diabectic ,she smokes pot shes 37 yrs old ,she has already lost part of her leg she says it helps with pain. what i want to know wouldnt that make her sugars worse?

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GabbyPA 2011-05-11 15:12:18 -0500 Report

I have never smoked it, but worked with a boss who did. That stuff just stinks and gives me a headache. However, I did stumble across this article that might be of interest. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,526853,00.html?sPage=fnc/health/diabetes

If they are researching cannabis leaves as a base for diabetic treatments, then perhaps there is a value there we have long overlooked. Wouldn't be the first time.

dietcherry 2011-05-11 21:12:11 -0500 Report

Ive not read the Bible cover-to-cover and dont pretend to have but Ive been told that there is atleast 1 passage about every disease having a cure in nature. Sorry if that offends anyone…just sayin

GabbyPA 2011-05-12 18:02:23 -0500 Report

Pharmaceuticals are just natural items on steroids and combined in ways nature may not have intended. We get so caught up in trying to curb the symptoms, we forget to look at the causes and find ways to stop that instead.

Armourer 2011-05-10 19:30:41 -0500 Report

I don't think the smoking of weed/pot will raise your blood sugars. However I'd caution about getting the munchies, now that would be a problem, especially if brownies are involved!

RAYT721 2011-05-09 17:19:12 -0500 Report

I probably would have known about 20 years ago but wasn't diabetic. It's been that long since I last smoked it (but never inhaled). It sounds like a good topic of discussion and possible cause for legalization. We can go from diabetic to HIGHabetic! :)

rwb 2011-05-09 15:36:17 -0500 Report

i have never smoked that stuff little scared totry it my sugars r under control an dont want to mess that up

Harlen 2011-05-09 15:19:24 -0500 Report

IF I did it it would make mine go up lol
not the pot but the muchies after lol
Best wishes

diabetesfree 2011-05-09 14:39:53 -0500 Report

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been any scientific study done on marijuana as it relates to diabetes, so any speculation would just be a guess. As for pain, it is usually used as a pain relief method of (almost) last resort, since it is not only more expensive than most other pain relief drugs (unless you grow it yourself, outdoors) and I don't know of any insurance company that will pay for pot.

I live in Humboldt County in Northern California, where literally ANYONE can walk-in off the street and get a legal prescription for medical marijuana. Some Doctors will give you an Rx without even meeting with them, as long as you have a credit card # they can take. We have more places to buy pot here locally than we have liquor stores or regular pharmacies.

To be honest, we have way, way more people who use pot as a recreational drug (much like alcohol) than we do for medicinal purposes. I know that alcohol has medicinal purposes as well, but there are a lot more people who use it to get drunk than to cure disease. I think that marijuana is often used as a mental crutch, and many find relief from the drug because they "believe" it will help. There is very little legitimate research to back it up though. From what I've personally seen, the number of people helped by pot is so close to the same level as a placebo would act, that I really think that the human brain is more responsible any positive health benefits than any chemical that might be found in marijuana itself.

kdroberts 2011-05-09 14:11:44 -0500 Report

On it's own, it won't raise blood sugar. If it's eaten with carbs then the carbs will or if more carbs are eaten because of the smoking then that will raise blood sugar as well. There is also the other health risks associated with it as well, plus if they ever get a good version of inhaled insulin she would not be able to use it due to the smoking.

roshy 2011-05-10 17:40:43 -0500 Report

theres the aspect of not being able to recognise a hypo while your high iswell!! this could cause aa reason for concern.

nanaellen 2011-05-09 14:00:15 -0500 Report

I know for a fact that smoking DOES help with pain. My best friend of 30 years passed from cancer (she had multiple forms and the most aggressive kind, the one that eats you from the inside out) and she was in terrible pain for the last 3 months of her life! She smoked right up till the last day of her life cause nothing else would work for her (oxycodone…oxycoton) The last shot they gave her was morphine and that took her life in the end.

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-09 13:45:29 -0500 Report

I dont smoke pot but I get that it can be helpful for pain. I'm interested to see what others think. I can't imagine why smoking pot would raise blood sugar (unless you take it in brownies) but I really dont know.

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