Cookie Roma
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Started 2011-05-08 22:36:14 -0500

I'm so upset. I've started crying, again! It's just past time to get my regular blood testing done but I've yet to make an appointment. I'm so discouraged! I've been trying to find a new doctor for months with no success. I'm beyond sick of being so huge and I just want to forget it. Even as I speak I feel it's killing me and I can't get help. People keep telling me not to give up but what the hell am I supposed to do?

Sorry folks. I just needed to vent.

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Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-05-11 02:29:18 -0500 Report

I am so glad that there is a place where you can go and vent. I can't do it with family because I don't want them to worry, and most other people don't really care. I have a wonderful dog who lets me vent and cry, then we go for a walk in the park. I guess it takes people who has the same problems to truly understand. I thank God that I found DC.

carabear 2011-05-10 21:50:43 -0500 Report

Vent all you want to, that's why I signed up for this, I want to ask question and to be heard. May the Lord bless you all day and every day!

melcoujes 2011-05-09 23:05:30 -0500 Report

We all have good days and days that feel like nothing will ever get better.
I still cry when I think of all the poor decisions I made for the day. Then I remember I can start over. Jump in where I am and keep going foward!
There is a lot of support on this site and feel free to vent. We probably have been there!

Harlen 2011-05-09 14:58:18 -0500 Report

You can vent any time you like .
You know sometimes one need more then a little help
If I was you I would go to the ER and tell them how your feeling
I know it is a hard thing to do but if you need it you need it .
Hugs and please keep us posted on how your doing .
Best wishes

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-09 23:16:41 -0500 Report

Funny you would mention the ER. I got a call last Friday to take a survey on our local ER. I told her exactly what my experiences have been with this ER. I could go on at length but basically they treat us like we are there for drugs. I'm sure it happens all the time but not by ME!

Harlen 2011-05-10 11:54:15 -0500 Report

Tell them that your a danger to your self if not others and they will help you
My Doc gives me valum ,seraquyil and any pain med I need she knows I dont like to take them so if I ask she will right it for me and get me in to her office asap
The reason I tell you this is a frend was having a hard time getting what he needed and tried this and he got more help then he know what to do with ended up with a house that was now his .He has three docs that work with him to keep every thing going that he needs
It's worth a try ???
Best wishes and keep me posted on who your doing
Best wishes

jayabee52 2011-05-10 03:06:26 -0500 Report

I used to work in an ER from time to time. I overheard Drs talking amongnst themselves about "frequent fliers" who were there just to get drugs.

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-10 07:12:01 -0500 Report

I don't doubt it. I can even understand how frustrating doctors must find that. It's just what the heck are those of us that don't do that supposed to do? I've had several surgeries and I have NEVER used nearly all the pain meds that were prescribed. I'd just like to be treated like an adult. When I need pain meds I want them. When I dont need them anymore I wont take them.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-05-09 13:42:37 -0500 Report

Hey Cookie,

So sorry to hear that you are having all of this difficulty finding a doctor. Can you continue with your current doctor until you find a new one or are you completely without a doctor? Do you have a short term solution until you find a new doctor? Is there a walk-in clinic in your area?

My thoughts are with you!


Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-09 14:03:55 -0500 Report

Thanks Dr Gary. I suppose I'm gonna have to go back but it's just really hard to go there again.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-05-10 15:06:06 -0500 Report

I know you will make the deicision that is right for you. Just concerned about you in the short term, making sure you are taking the best possible care of yourself. I am sending a lot of positive energy your way as you search for your new doc. Please keep me posted! Gary

jeffrey9127 2011-05-09 06:49:11 -0500 Report

It is good to get things off your chest, and speak up about how you are feeling. Once you vent, and start to feel a little better, try to find a Dr. and get your blood work done. But don't give up. We all feel what you are feeling from time to time. It is natural to feel this way sometimes. You are in my prayers.

jayabee52 2011-05-09 04:28:11 -0500 Report

Bring it here, Cookie, & get it off your chest!

Forgetting it means that you are going into denial, and you don't want that! You can live in the land of denial (we're not talking 'bout Egypt here) but due to the complications it can be troubling and/or painful eventually. Not a good plan.

Why does it seem you have such trouble finding a Doc?

I pray you find a Doc soon!


Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-09 06:52:40 -0500 Report

No denial just beyond frustrated! Why am I having trouble finding a doctor? Because it seems in my little town we have an over abundance of medical "technictions". They hand out meds they and dont rock the boat. They don't step out and look for answers when they are faced with a problem. They don't easily care what the patient thinks or is concerned about. When you speak, they wait for you to finish so they can move along. Apparently I've lived just a bit too long because I actually want a doctor that helps me tk make things better and not just hold where they are.

Jackie375 2011-05-17 10:27:55 -0500 Report

Cookie Roma

I know exactly what you mean, I have been going through kind of the same thing and have just found a new doctor. I am praying she is gona turn out to be a good thing. So far okay and seems to be really trying to help me. I wish you the best of luck. As everyone says that is what we are here for so we have support and a place to vent. Believe me when I say I might use this site to vent about a lot of things that affect my mental health as that can effect my diabetes as well.

Hugs and lots of Prayers for you!!