diabetic neurophathy

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I have diabetic neurophathy besides the constant tingling in my legs and feet. at night or when I lay down my feet feel like ice and are very painful. Along with this I am very scared to ware sock because socks hurt the top of my fee very much.

What should I do?

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Kirla 2011-05-08 11:32:29 -0500 Report

When diagnosed I didn’t think I had any problems with my feet. Then after about 6-8 weeks my feet started to feel cold. Then a few weeks later the stabbing shouting pains started. Then my feet started to hurt all the time. I had to put 2 pairs of those things you put in your shoes for comfort.

Now 2 years later I just have the tingling numb feelings most of the time. With very good blood sugar control I no longer have to put any kind of support things in my shoes and don’t have the stabbing shouting pains any more and my feet no longer hurt all the time. I believe the tingling numb feelings are getting better also.

I learned that when we have very high blood sugar in the 300-400 range or higher the sugar is doing lots of damage and we don’t even feel it. Then when our numbers come down and the sugar is no loner high that’s when the damage comes to the surface. David Mendosa said in one of his articles that it can takes years for the nerves to heal. He figured it was going to take at least 5 years for his feet to heal. I’m not sure but so far I have had pretty good blood sugar control for 2 years now and my feet keep getting better. I figure a got a year or two more to go.

Good luck

Dog Dan
Dog Dan 2011-05-07 18:29:08 -0500 Report

I have had swelling in my feet and legs, sometimes my pants would be titer on my legs and I had trouble getting my pants off. I have been in real pain for over 5 years. Sometime I would be bed ridden. One day on the internet I read the side effects of Landis a 24 hour insulin that I was taking and I had every symptom and more. About 4 weeks ago I quit Landis most of my swelling is gone and the pain is down to the point I can walk and work for a hour.

dmob 2011-05-07 15:47:46 -0500 Report

ask your primary care physician about gabapentin or lyrica,im considering to have my nerves surgicaly removed on both my feet,and i've had 2 toes amputated, 1 on ea foot,5 surgeries total since 2005.

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