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Back in 1991 The Saturday before Thanksgiving I had an accident at work in the Produce Room. I was told to unload a pallett of Produce to get the potatoes on the bottom out on the floor where they were almost out. Well while trying to get to them I had a large bag of porduce shift and hit me in the left neck and shoulder area. After getting the produce out to where it was needed I went to lunch, as when lunch was over I was on the Cash Registor up front. within 1/2 an hour on the Reg. I couldn't use my left arm and hand without pain shooting up and down my spine. I finished my 8 hour shift and then went to the ER and found out with exrays that I had twisted my spine in 6 places not good. In my follow up appointment with my family Dr. they told me I would never get any better and I needed to learn to live with the pain and grin and bear it. Well if there is pain there is a reason for it and there is a way to fix it I believed so I changed Drs. and within the first 2 visits with Dr. Enzenburger he had me going to the Cronic Pain Clinic at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. They told me if I could block any thing out I could learn to block out the pain. I told them I can block out my husband and kids when argueing with eachother. and they told me to use the same idea to block out the pain. So for the next 18 months that is just what I did. Little by little I learned to concentrate on each area of pain and block it out. With in 3 months it was starting to work real well for me. By the end of the 18 months I could block it out to a 10. You know how they ask on a scale of 1-10 how is the pain well it was on a scale of 1-10 how much has the pain gone away. At a 10 I have to hold on to things or people to walk at all. After my Heartattack on Sept. 1,1999 I learned I can't block it out that well anymore as I never know when another Heartattack might hit me and this time no saving me maybe.

Let me know if this helps anyone out here on the site to control their pain at all.
Thankyou for your time on this subject.

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