Any tips on how I can balance my diet without wheat?

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Hi, I'm new to this community and hope you guys can help me.

I've been struggling with balancing diet because I have a sugar intolerance (which my doctor has instructed me treat as if I have pre-diabetes). However recently she also became concerned about a possible wheat allergy or intolerance and has asked me for a time to avoid wheat. I'm at a bit of a loss because some of the suggestions for non-wheat diets aren't healthy for me from a sugar/carb standpoint.

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Kirla 2011-05-08 11:17:52 -0500 Report

I don’t eat any wheat products or anything made from wheat. I found they all spike my blood sugar.

Mornings I drink a protein shake when I get up. Then 2 hours later I will drink my fiber supplement along with one serving of sunflower seeds and will drink one cup of coffee.

At lunch I will eat 1-2 oz’s of chicken or beef. Then will eat my turkey sloppy joe out of a small bowl, I put a tablespoon of salsa along with some hot sauce and cheese and heat it in a microwave until the cheese melts. Will then eat my broccoli with about ½ to 1 cup of my channa dal bean dip. I then will have a small piece of my soy flour cake or pumpkin bread. Last will eat one serving of peanuts.

For supper I eat a salad along with my low carb chocolate water. Will sometimes eat my low carb home made Greek Yogurt protein powder ice cream. Will eat a small bowl of my home made soy pasta with my low carb no sugar added pasta sauce topped with some hot sauce and grated cheese.

At night for a bedtime snack will eat 1-2 serving of almonds or walnuts.

Pretty much eat the same stuff on weekends but for my mid morning snack will eat some turkey bacon with 1 or 2 eggs. Sometimes will eat my egg on top of my soy flour pancakes topped with a teaspoon of no sugar added low carb jam. Either blackberry or grape. I make my pancakes and waffles with soy flour and freeze them. Some people use almond meal for making cakes, pancakes, waffles and muffins.

Good luck

jayabee52 2011-05-07 09:41:39 -0500 Report

One of Jem & my houseguests for a while, was a young lady "Tee" who had celiac disease. She used breads (mainly from Whold Foods Market) which have replaced the gluten with corn meal somehow. The market for gluten free foods has grown a lot over the past couple years and I have seen regular groceries carry it now.

One of the pastors in my congregation also had it. The ladies for our lenten soup suppers would make gluten free versions of the soup for him and anyone else who was gluten intolerant. (He has subsequently moved to a different congregation in Missouri)

diabetesfree 2011-05-07 01:16:42 -0500 Report

Most of the wheat that I used to eat was from breakfast cereals, and that always spiked my blood sugar pretty bad. What kind of "replacement" foods are being suggested to you? I would think that it would just be easier to stick to your current diet and just eliminate wheat, rather than try to "replace" it with something.

bookcase 2011-05-31 23:57:50 -0500 Report

With my sugar condition my doctor didn't eliminate wheat just a lot of stuff with high sugars. To quote my doctor "if the cereal has frosted in the title you're banned from it". I've always had a tendency to eat breads thus I think she made a point not to eliminate it right off. Some common snacks I had been using were Special K bars (about 16 carbs/5 sugar) and 1/4 cup of mini saltines (I forget the carbs). However, some of the gluten free counterparts to wheat have more total carbs. It's a small difference but rice pasta has 44 carbs in 2oz verses the pasta I was eating 42 carbs in 2oz. My main source of information for gluten free has been a cousin with a major gluten intolerance but she's been keeping some of her regular foods off her list because she knows about my sugar intolerance. Thus all I know is that she's keeping some foods off the list, not necessarily what they are.

diabetesfree 2011-06-01 10:48:34 -0500 Report

Interesting. I hadn't heard of rice pasta before. I know that there are certain types of pasta that are much higher in protein than others though. Also, I believe that how long it is cooked has a great influence over how high pasta will jolt your blood sugar levels. Supposedly, overcooking makes matters worse. Either way, if you add some fresh vegetables to your pasta, it should help to mitigate at least some of the carbs by increasing your intake of fiber. Eating fiber also tends you help fill you up faster than food without it. So, you might try adding a lot more veggies and less actual pasta to your meals and see what effect that has. It couldn't hurt to try, unless you happen to hate vegetables. :-)

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