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Started 2011-05-06 11:05:06 -0500

I have a freestyle light bllod glucose monitor and prick my finger tipe 4 times a day. They are so sore and I was wondering can you really get a good reading from your arm? I heard somewhere that it is reaaly not correct. Is this true?

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Pynetree 2011-05-07 08:44:49 -0500 Report

I'll echo others, on testing on the side edges of your fingers, and dialing down depth of penetration. And add that I am now using a OneTouch Delica lancing device…fairly new and guaranteed to be almost pain free. I love it. It is smaller, and the lancets cost a wee bit more, but as I am now not changing the lancet with every test…(as I did for 20 yrs!!) after learning on here that pretty much everyone else doesn't use a new lancet for every test, so the extra cost was not that big a deal.
I tried testing on my arm, my lancet device had a different top to do it, but, had huge ugly bruises - bit of bleeding under the it got annoying answering peoples guestions about the bruises! LOL! Now I just have the bruises from playing with the dog, to explaine to those enquirering minds!
You can use a different lancing device than your meter…experiment till you find a comfortable one. Try contacting OneTouch, or Accu-Chek, and see if they will send you a Lancet device to try!
Good Luck!

JacquieB123 2011-05-07 07:36:11 -0500 Report

Thank you so much for the info! I am going to look into the accuchek and until then have set the lancing for not as deep. It is great to know I have a community that knows the ins and outs of this disease. I feel I am not alone anymore. Again Thank You Friends!

kdroberts 2011-05-06 11:20:10 -0500 Report

You can get a good reading from your arm, but only when your blood sugar is not really changing. Before meal readings are generally the best ones and after meal, fasting are not good choices. Never use alternative sites to test for low blood sugar or if you need to work out an insulin dose.

However, it shouldn't hurt your fingers unless you are not doing it right. Always use the side or top of your fingers, never the pad. Check to see how deep your lancing device is set and try setting it less deep. I would recommend ditching the free lancing device you get with the meter and get an accuchek multiclix. It drastically reduces pain and is much easier to use.