What to do when you didn't just fall but dismounted the healthy horse.

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got married and had a lovely honeymoon in hawaii. And I went on strike from diabetes. I took the week off. I didn't even pack the meter. I meant to but then was glad I didn't. It's kind of like taking your work on vacation. So I decided to write about my non-expert experience so far My thinking is that we all get tired of working at this sometimes. Mostly though not for a week. This was the *bigtime exception to the rule. So here goes.
First plan your indescression. And stick to the time you allow yourself a break. Tip, probably not good to take a whole week off, but if you do, just say I'm taking this week not to worry about diabetes then I'm getting right back on track. The stop was a little harder than I anticipated. It took a few days after we got back before I completely stopped the downhill slide, but I did stop. Be sure that you don't skip on your meds if you have to take them though. That is another reason that taking a week off is probably not a good idea. But what can I say, I was going to Hawaii and I may never get to be there again and I just got married. And the main thing is that I had fun and didn't have to ruin it by constantly worrying about blood sugar and all that stuff.
2. Listen to your body. Believe it or not your body has its own warning systems in place. It tells you when you're full or when you've had enough of one thing or the other. While I ate everything I wanted to, I didn't feel sick or pass out or anything while I was in hawaii because I didn't let myself go nuts. The worst thing that happened was that I had to use the bathroom a lot at night and I was thirsty. But I also used that to tell myself ok let's not get too crazy and sometimes eat more or less like I was supposed to.
3. Don't beat yourself up but also don't give yourself too much rope. What I mean is don't stress and worry after you've done all your sinning, but don't use it as an excuse to get depressed and get out of control again.
4. Once you're back on plan, don't be surprised if your sugar kind of stays up for a while. I have some kind of kidney or bladder infection going on and I think that might be *part* of my still high blood sugar, but I am not letting that get me down too much. I just keep telling myself that I am doing the stuff I need to do now and being careful what I eat. It may take a week or two for my body to actually recognize that but what goes up comes back down and if you're trying, it will happen… eventually. That is the hardest thing for me. I get super stressed when my blood sugar is up despite my best efforts. I just have to keep saying it's not the end of the world, and as long as I don't let my feelings control my food, I'll be okay.
5. It's probably not a good idea to tell too many people what you're up to, especially if they are diabetic family members who kind of live by a rule book which they carry around in their heads. I love my mom, but I think I gave her a lot of cause to worry and now she's kind of like the food police Then again, maybe I need the food police.
5. If you go on a sugar blitz like I did, I have found that the fewer carbs you eat until it goes back down, the better. This is a really great theory but I live in the real world… most of the time anyway, and have a family. So I can't always put my theory into as good a practice as I would like. For instance, last night we had spaghetti and Garlic bread. If I'd been perfect I would have just maybe ate some of the sauce skipped the pasta and ate the salad skipped the garlic bread. But since I prefer my sauce with Noodles, I ate spaghetti and Salad. I think the plate was about half spaghetti and half salad. I did skip the garlic bread though. But since my ppbs was still kind of high last night, I think the next time I do that I will only have about half as much spaghetti so I'll either eat more salad or just have a big space on the plate
6. Another thing I've been experimenting with is just using smaller plates. Sometimes, this is not such a good thing because I get hungry or whatever, but I have noticed that decreasing the size of my plate also decreases my blood sugar. Lunch for instance, I used a sandwich plate and on the plate was eight crackers, (so much for avoiding carbs) two squares of chedder cheese, some chicken lunch meat and some fruit. My ppbs after that meal was 129. While I was in Hawaii I fell in love with Yogourt Parf`Es. For the uneducated, a yogourt parf`e is a neat concoction with granola fruit and yogourt all layered. It's really delicious. So now I need to know where I can get some of the lighter more diabetic friendly vanilla yogourt in the big tub.
Right now, the only thing I wish is that my family would be more supportive. I know they aren't the ones with the problem but it really makes me mad when they eat chips and garlic bread in front of me and bring in big containers of chocolate chip cookies that I can't have, and go out to the cracker barrel. (more of the real world I mentioned earlier. Well, I will say this about the cracker barrel they have a lot of interesting healthy stuff on their menu. I actually got a strawberry chicken salad. And it was very good and also was nice to my blood sugar. Ha Ha Mom, I can too go out to eat. It was really hard watching everyone eating biscuits and such but then I just had that much more to be proud of resisting, and I was also thinking, at least we aren't at McDonalds or something. One final tip before I sign off and go back to sleep. Don't think that you can just skip a few meals and make your blood sugar go down. I tried that once. I said my fasting blood sugar is very high. I'm not eating until it comes down. So two hours later I check it again and it's up higher. I have also decided that I can get through all the holidays that might come up without going off my plan. And as I said, no more week long splurges. Oh and don't be foolde by nuts. Macadamia nuts seem like such a good idea. Macadamia nut oil is supposed to help lower colesteral and all that stuff, but they raise your blood sugar so stay away from those things.Better to just eat the standard mixed nuts apparently. I also have another idea for replacing those chips I am so fond of. In Texas there's a store that sells dehydrated vegetable snacks. They are very good and low in fat and all and also good for you. I usually hate vegetables, especially the cooked kind, but I love these things. Doesn't even seem like you're eating vegetables. So if you can find some of those and for those who are much better controled than me right now, some low fat dip to go with, they are really tasty. My sis is going to send me some of them in the mail, but since they are already salted, I will not be putting dip on them. Anyway thanks for listening. I hope maybe I've helped someone else who struggles with this like me. Here's a question for those with family. Do you notice that your diabetes has caused the rest of your family to eat even more crazy than before? I notice it all the time. My DH for instance, sometimes now has two snacks at night instead of just one… sits there eating in front of me and going Sorry like a big dodo head… like that's gonna make it okay. It's like he's trying to pick up the slack. Or Melissa eating five pieces of garlic bread just so all the bread will be gone when I had no intention of eating it in the first place. Sometimes I just want to yell at everybody hey y'all don't have to eat up everything just because I can't eat it. It'd be nice if everyone would stop paying lip service to eating healthy and then doing stuff like bringing cookies and chips in the house and going well we're not diabetic. What would be wrong with taking the girls to the gas station and buying them a treat… or getting a couple cookies at the bakery or just eating some carrots with a sandwich instead of chips and dip… but try talking to my block head husband about that. Hey you can't control me. Or worse, yes we should all eat healthy. Then I know I shouldn't have bought those cookies but I did anyway. I just really want to strangle him sometimes. But instead of strangling him, I will give him his props. He does try to look for things that will be kind to my blood sugar, and cuts pineapple so I don't have to, and reads menus and tries to pick things that will be satisfying to my poor deprived taste buds and kind to my blood sugar at the same time. Ok, I'm really really done now. As usual thanks for listening.

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Harlen 2011-05-04 15:20:25 -0500 Report

Forget it and get back on
Cant fret over what was only what is .
I forgive myself and get on with it
Best wishes

realsis77 2011-05-04 09:03:07 -0500 Report

Congrats on your wedding! Its good you got back on track. I find that if I stay on track I actually feel better! How about you? When I fall, I notice I just don't feel right. I get more tired and sluggish and I feel generally bad. So I try to stay on track. I do slip every now and then. As long as we get back on track that's important! Have a great day and God bless!

blindbluesmama 2011-05-04 12:55:08 -0500 Report

Actually I don't notice feeling bad. Thus far my symptoms are not really strong enough to motivate me to stay good. Like I was like, ok so I pee a little more and drink a little more watter… It was totally worth it to have what I wanted for a week and not worry. Everything else, migraines, leg cramps, dizziness and all that happens whether I'm on track or not.The migraines are weird though. The doctor said that sometimes they are caused when my sugar goes up. But this morning when my sugar spiked into the 300's my head wasn't hurting, but when it got into the 200's I noticed that my head was hurting. So either I'm just racting to all the stress of hey what's the deal? I only ate a yogourt parfet which filled about half a plastic cup. It only had a few chunks of fruit… maybe eight piece of fruit and like a half cup of granola and I'm not sure how much yogourt… no scratch that, about four spoonfulls or maybe six… I don't think my sugar should have been soaring into the stratussphere from that tiny ammount. The yogourt only has 27 carbs per cup and I know there's no way there was a cup or yogourt. So I was angry. Really angry. I suppose that's silly. Well I'm going to get this bladder infection or uti or whatever it is I have under control. But I absolutely love my doctor. First of all he didn't yell at me and said he might have done the same thing. But he also gave me some ppbs targets I can deal with… he said my fbs should be around 130 and my7 ppbs should be around 170-180 *for now* and then we keep fine tuning. I was relieved because that's about what my sugar was running before I went on my honeymoon. He was also glad to see I had lost weight. He wanted to put me on medicine if nothing else to get rid of my frustration but I want to get this infection under control first because I know already that my sugar was right before. I told him that if I haven't gotten it under control by next time I see him and it's still all over the place I will do medicine. I'm not against it, I just wanted to try some natural supplements and get the other stuff under control. It's coming down and I bet in another couple days it will level out. I'm really hungry but this migraine is making me feel sick so I'm hungry but don't want to eat. Now does that make any sense? I have had a lot of things weird like that. Yesterday I was bored and in pain. Those are two feelings that shouldn't go together at all. I'm seriously thinking about having some spaghetti and salad on a small plate. I love my doctor. He said "You are not a failure." He said it takes years to get diabetes. He has been most kind. He liked my candy strategy of keeping it in the cabinet and having the little bite sized pieces, especially when I told him it's not really a big deal now. It's like ok, I know it's there and I know I *could* have it if I wanted it. So then I don't want it. I guess I have some very non-conformist ways of dealing with it. I eat red meat too and I don't do reduced fat unless it also means reduced sugar. But I don't mind mixing it up, having chicken and fish too. But I did the same thing with bacon and saucage as I did with candy. Ok, I want some bacon, I'll have a couple pieces for breakfast… now it's like not such a big deal. I am not craving it or feeling like I just have to have it or bust. Yay, the migraine is going away. I wonder if that means my sugar is getting lower? I'm not checking it again though. It could just also mean whew I am done with the doctor. Either way I'm going to fix something to eat and then I'm going to lay down.