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cherokee pixie
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hi my doctor is going to start me on a pump this week and ive had tpe 1 diabetes 4 26yrs but never a pump! i was wondering if any of you who use the pump could tell me wich pump you like better and if it does control your glucose insurance will only cover the one touch ping orthe paradigm revel mini med notwater proof.just thought id get opions from people who use them on what u like or dont andwich you think is better

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algretha 2011-05-02 19:04:48 -0500 Report

I've been diabetic for 23 years and using a pump for the past 10 years. I love the pump! I've only used minimed and have been very happy with it Their customer support is fantastic, I've had older pumps give out on me twice and both times they had a new pump to me in under 24 hours. I also had a problem when I first got my pump that i went on vacation and didn't have enough supplies for the extended days I chose to do and them had supplies sent to the hotel again inunder 24 hours. Every time you upgrade to a new pump or have alot of questions they send a pump trainer to your house. Best of wishes to you in your new wonderful freeing shot free life. Hope this helped.

Type1Lou 2011-05-02 14:40:16 -0500 Report

Dear Cherokee Pixie,
Thanks for asking this question. I've had type 1 for 35+ years and just recently, the endocrinologist suggested that a pump might help me get back in control. (After years with A1c's in the 6's, it's been creeping up into the 7's )

A Medtronics' rep is supposed to be contacting me soon but the doctor didn't push any one meter over the other. So, I'm at the same crossroads as you are. I'm insured but haven't explored what they will or will not cover. Most of the comments here favor using the pump since it seems to give better control. (Right now, I'm on Lantus and Novolog.) I've been trying to be more accurate in counting my carbs and agree with headkeep's earlier comment that it's not always easy to be accurate…that problem won't change with the pump…still need to count those carbs. I've also been leery about having something stuck into me 24/7. But, I pretty sure that's the way I'll be going. Keep me posted on your decision and experience and I'll do likewise.

kdroberts 2011-05-02 12:49:43 -0500 Report

The massive difference between the two is that the minimed can also be used as a continuous glucose monitoring system. If that's something you see in your future then it may be worth going for that one. Personally the ping seems to have more of the features I would like in a pump than the minimed.

headkeep 2011-05-02 12:40:03 -0500 Report

Hi cherokee pixie,
I've been on an insulin pump since 1996. Prior to pump therapy, my A1C was always over 12. Since learning how to use the pump, count carbs, my A1C has consistently been near 6.3,
The biggest negative is being hooked up 24/7. Clearly, the biggest positive is the better control. But, their is one hugh positive, I'm in control. I eat when I want to eat. I eat what I want to eat. The key is accurate carb counting which isn't always easy. Their will be a lot of guessing. Just guess low so you reduce the risk of low BS. Test often.
I am now using a MiniMed paradigm from Medtronic. I does have a sensor which reads your BS every 5 minutes but sadly, I don't use this feature. For me, it was very, very inaccurate. I didn't need the stress it was causing.
As long as you continue to check your BS regularly, try to learn how different carbs will affect you and you'll do well.
Go for it as their are great positives out there for you!