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Started 2011-05-02 09:08:03 -0500

I have been on Byetta on May 22. My blood sugars have dropped from over 300 to 105 to 117. Is anyone else using this drug? I am so pleased with my results. I also take metformin and glimepride.

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MrsCDogg 2011-05-03 10:45:24 -0500 Report

In 2008 my doc started me on Byetta. At first I only had slight nausea. Very slight. I chewed some ginger gum and it worked great. My blood sugars started coming down great. Then the other problems started I had diahrrea from July till November! Terrible gas and stomach rumbling to the point you could hear it acorss the room. I just couldn't take it so I called my doc and reufsed to take it any more. He got me on something else. It's no wonder folks tend to loose weight with Byetta!

Denise56 2011-05-02 09:33:32 -0500 Report

I went back and read some discussions from last year most of the problem is with getting insurance to pay for the Byetta. For now I have 2 months free from Dr. I also wrote to drug company and they sent me a 3 month voucher. My income is below 21,000 so they will pay for it.I hope if it keeps working, they will continue to pay for it