im a brand new diabetic YAY!!!!! HEEELLPPPP lol

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ok here is the thing I know that i am blessed with alot of family of diabetics and i had gestational diabetes and both my kids were chunky butts ( 9 8.5 and 8 9.3) so to a point I know im predisposed my ? is y did my pancrease decide to hault on the job? i have family that if youd look at tehm you think he sure should be a diabetic the poster child so to speak. I am not complaining well yeah i am but i have always followed a very healthy lifestyle eating on a (diabetic diet) because it was easier bcc of all the diabetes in my fam. I have watched comas lost limbs and lives and now the diet I was following I must change and tweek bc my insulin intake at this point is like 36 in morning and 28 at night so something is arye. I have not been choking down sugar like a drug adn yet here i stand amongst you with this disease that i will have forever.
complete confusion and scared outta my mind are just a few of the emotions i feel …i get conflicting answers for everything and all i want is to live a healthy life with everybody part i walked in this world with. no offence to any who have lost …evryone in my family that has this has lost and i feel for them but my gfather did it to himself b not taking care of things he knew he should. i just am tired of hearing SUCK IT UP KASE U AINT DYING well with 300-400+ bs im killing myself slowly and im really trying to do right.
thanks for the vent time any suggestions

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Harlen 2011-05-01 18:21:01 -0500 Report

Give your self a brake lol
You know what to do it's just the doing thats got you down .
I lost my mom to her not taking care of her self and let me tell you thats a bad way to go .that may be why I take as good a care of me lol lol
You are the only you there is and you need to take care of you .
If not for you then your kids ???
Best wishes

tomecom 2011-05-01 07:39:57 -0500 Report

Kasey: Diabetes is a mystery to us all, because we are diagnosed and sent home with no help at all. We stumble along trying to figure it all out. It's like the bomb squad trying to defuse a bomb. We know that the clock is ticking, and we have limited time to figure out how to stop it.
I have done extensive research on diabetes and have learned a great deal. There are several keys to stopping the progression of diabetes and getting control of diabetes.
You have to stop eating high glycemic index foods, or foods that are processed (in a box or can). You have to stop drinking sodas and colas, or anything with caffeine in it. No alcohol, or processed flour products. No dairy products, and all meat has to be ultra lean. Also no artificial sweeteners except stevia or xylitol.
You have to start taking a GOOD QUALITY multivitamin everyday, because we diabetics are deficient in up to 10 vitamins and minerals. Half of which are instrumental in the management of glucose and insulin. The body cannot produce amino acids without the vitamins, so we suffer weight gain, depression, allergies, skin conditions, bowel issues and much more.
You have to lose the excess weight, because it causes insulin resistance. That is often very difficult to do because excess insulin blocks fat loss. You have to make certain that you do not have parasites or Candida overpopulation, because most of us diabetics have them. They prevent weight loss, and fill our bodies with toxins.
You have to exercise to rebuild the destroyed capillaries that were damaged by high blood sugars. You have to oxygenate the body, and reduce insulin resistance. You have to rebuild the immune system.
You have to learn how to hydrate. High blood sugars cause dehydration, and we rarely recognize it. Dehydration messes with diabetic control. You have to use sea salt in filtered water to get it done.
There is soo much that we have to learn. I would recommend that you download a copy of the Diabetes Primer, and the Desperation Diet. Both are free on Just type the name into the search box. They both cover all of the stuff I have mentioned and much more. They provide a fast way to learn the diabetes basics.
If you email me at small I will forward a copy of a low glycemic index meal planner.

RAYT721 2011-05-01 07:33:26 -0500 Report

First of all, welcome to the site! I cannot give any advice when it comes to medications but when it comes to weight loss and exercise I have dropped a few pounds (30) over the past year. I can't say it was easy because it wasn't but what I did was take a practical approach to control and weight loss by using baby steps to get from where I started to where I am.

I'm more conscious of carb intake (not fanatical but conscious) so that I am always on the look out for new recipes or ways to modify my existing favorites by looking at the ingredients lists. I have added more water to my diet (64+ ounces a day). I move around more whether that is walking of doing leg lifts or touching toes. Housework helps to burn calories. One important thing that I have learned for control and weight loss is not to skip meals… in fact I eat less food per sitting but I have more sittings. Do NOT skip breakfast because when it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it truly is! I start every day with food (usually low fat yogurt and/or breakfast bars like Atkins). I can't say that my tips are going to work for you but they work for me. Consider an online tracking program like My Plate D ( and go to tools) to record your glucose and food intake so you know what works and what doesn't. Every body and everybody is different. Consider a consultation with a dietitian but make sure to consult with your meter for a true picture.

Being a diabetic is not nearly as bad as being an out of control diabetic. Again, it's not easy but you have a decent attitude and you CAN get your mind, body and soul in shape. I hate to sound like a home depot commercial but you can do it, we can help!

Welcome to Diabetic Connect. Check out the other affiliated communities (ie and let's work together. We're in it to win it!