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Did you know that at 11 pm(PT) on Saturday, there are 386 pages of recipes on this site. John Crowley has the most with over 100 recipes. His 1st was Chocolate Cheesecake on March 12, 2008 @4:51 (MT). He has 3166 views.
coming in 2nd & 3rd is "sexyswamprat" & "Avera". There are 10 recipes per page..figure it out.
My favorite recipe is by "jaybee". His German Chocolate cake recipe was awesome.
This has nothing to do with diabetes, but it shows how far this site has come in 4 years. Keep up the good work.

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RAYT721 2011-05-01 07:17:39 -0500 Report

If I could find a secretary, I have so many recipes that I would love to contribute to the site that are tried and true keeper recipes. I have the resources except for the time needed to research the nutritional data and post them. I do appreciate those who have and will continue to add to the database because I have gotten a lot of great recipes here and also on obesityconnect.com.

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-05-01 01:29:18 -0500 Report

There seems to be a lot of diabetic friendly dessert recipes but as the family cook I need things to make for dinners. I'd love to learn to adapt the things I already make.

RAYT721 2011-05-01 07:08:28 -0500 Report

Cookie: the best way to modify your recipes is with a look to the ingredient labels on the favorite recipes that you have. I am into swapping. (don't take that wrong) … I will often use brown rice instead of white, have sandwiches in lettuce leaves or low-carb tortillas instead of bread, use lower fat or lower sodium versions of this or that. If you are not familiar with "MY PLATE D," it is a food journal with a history of your recipes that can help you calculate the calories, carbs, fat, and other components of old and new entrees. You can connect to the online software (free) by going to www.livestrong.com and go under "tools."
It may be worth checking out.