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about 3 or 4 months ago, I was diagnosed with level 2 diabetes. i cut out potatoes, breads, cakes, pies, sweets and increased my intake of fish, and vegetables. My BS dropped to between 100 and 200 but continued to spike above 200 without reason.
I added steel cut oatmeal, bananas and blueberries every morning and still saw 140 to 200 plus readings every morning. Evening BS though was right on track.
I love my oatmeal every morning by the way.
Finally I hit on the secret that was defying my attempts. Aspartame and Saccharin were part of my diet. As soon as I took the two sweeteners from my diet and replaced them with dextrose, and sucralose I leveled at 100 and I have been there for a solid month.
I would be interested in finding out if this is the reason as I think it might be. Has anyone else had this experience?

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jayabee52 2011-04-30 15:46:53 -0500 Report

WAHOOO Joseph! You ard doing Fantastic for only having been Dx'd in Jan 2011! Keep up the good work!

The only thing about why dextrose and sucralose (are these mixed as in Splenda?) doesn't affect you with a Blood Glucose rise while Aspartame and Saccharin do may be understood by the fact that not all People with Diabetes ("PWDs") are the same. Not all t2s or t1s react the same way to the same inputs of medications, foods or drinks. Diabetes is not a one-size-fits-all condition.

For me I cannot consume Splenda in large amounts. I can eat or drink a little bit, but if I get more than 2 cans of soda sweetened with Splenda, I have diaharrea in about 15 mins. (that's when I first noticed the effect — when I drank too many cans of Splenda sweetened soda — I really loved the grapefruit flavored Shasta sodas).

Our reactions to various inputs can be different from one another. One PWD may be allergic to a med. or other consumable. Others may thrive on it but may be allergic or sensitive to something else.

So Joseph, good for you for finding what works for you.

And WELCOME to DC, my friend!

Praying God's richest blessings upon you and yours!

James Baker

WARKE23 2011-04-30 15:15:51 -0500 Report


try steel cut oatmeal not rolled or instant oatmeal. Steel cut looks like little round grains… it is whole grain and does not convert to sugar like rolled oats do.
You have to look hard to find it but I know Krogers has it for about 3 dollars a bag, (it is not boxed) I found it at World market for over six dollars in the can - called Irish steel cut oatmeal… I gave it as a Christmas present to my nephew and bought a can for myself and got hooked. really worth the 20 minutes to cook it.
I only use a dab of 2% milk on it once it is done.

jayabee52 2011-04-30 19:02:40 -0500 Report

I've tried it from Trader Joe's and it still raised my BG#s signifigantly. Not as much as rolled oats (oatmeal either quick or "old-fashioned") but it raised mine enough to avoid it again. But diabetes is not a one-size-fits-all condition.

Harlen 2011-04-30 10:58:10 -0500 Report

I am so happy for you
I wish I was able to eat oatmeal but I can't it spikes me bad
Best wishes

Kirla 2011-04-30 08:43:03 -0500 Report

When diagnosed 2 years ago I added a salad at supper and added lots of low carb vegetables and started to drink lots of water. I also cut out most products with more than 5-6 net carbs per serving.

Like you my blood sugar dropped fast. Went from the 300+ range to almost normal numbers in about 6 weeks. A1C went from 14.1 to 5.9 in 4 months. Has remained below 6 ever since. My lowest was 5.2.

I don’t know about the sugar substitutes. At first I didn’t use any of them. Rarely drink diet soda. After several months have been using splenda in my coffee and baking. Splenda doesn’t seem to affect my blood sugar.

Kirla 2011-04-30 08:49:24 -0500 Report

I had to give up oatmeal. Found it spiked my blood sugar over 100 points 2 hours after eating it. Some people claim steel cut oats are ok to eat. I bought some a while ago. Plan on trying it someday. Maybe will try and eat at lunch or dinner time. Some foods affect blood sugar differently at different times of the day. Try testing your blood sugar 30, 45 minutes and 1 hour after eating it and see how high your sugar spiked.

WARKE23 2011-04-30 15:17:32 -0500 Report

45 minutes after eating my oats with banana and blueberries.. I was at 104.. not too bad. try the steel cut oats they dont metabolize like rolled oats.