Sixth Nerve Palsy-Frustrated

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I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 18 years ago and I have been affected by different things severe sinus infections, stomach virus, headaches but the newest thing to add to the list is sixth nerve palsy which is Cranial nerve six supplies the lateral rectus muscle allowing for outward (abduction) eye movement. A sixth nerve palsy, also known as abducens nerve palsy, is a neurological defect resulting from an impaired sixth nerve or the nucleus that controls it. This may result in horizontal double vision (diplopia) with in turning of the eye and decreased lateral movement.

This is my third time within a year I have gotten this which is a result of not controlling my blood sugar levels. It is not painful just really frustrating seeing things with a double vision plus I am not able to drive so I am in the house most of the time which is really getting on my nerves since the weather is getting nice. I am a little down today because I want to be able to take my granddaughter to the park or the store and I cannot do things like that with her.

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