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i have had diabetes for 7 years now and my doctor started me on humilin 70/30 with humalog sliding scale. that insulin wasnt working so after a year he changed it to humalog 75/25 with sliding scale. the most recent doctor i have now put me on lantus with sliding scale. the doctors before kept making adjustments. the lantus seems to work but sugar still to high. my body produces antibodies which kills the insulin i am taking now. has anyone heard of that?

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Doctors often do that, because my first doctor had me on lantus. But it wasnt working so i decided to get me another doctor. The doctor now has me on Levimir, Humalog, Humalog Mix, plus i take ActoMet tablets. I feel like personally it is too much, but i just wanna keep my sugar down. It helps at times, but sometimes it gets too low. I think thats why some are called Practioners, cause they practice on us until they get it right.

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