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I have type 2 diabetes. My body feels like someone is poking me with something sharp, or like something is biting me. My legs ache alot. My hands go numb & cold. My feet burn on the bottom, but I have pain on top. Social Security pending. No Insurance. What is going on with my body? Where can I seek medical help?

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Somoca 2011-05-04 16:55:57 -0500 Report

Ladybugg I see that you are new. Welcome. Feel free to ask any questions you have about Diabetes. There are alot of us on here and one of us is bound to know the answer.

cavie2 2011-05-04 14:26:24 -0500 Report

my doctor told me it's not just the nerve endings in your fingers and toes you need to look out for when you have diabetes. You have nerve ending all over your body and this is a sign they are dying off because your diabetes is not under control.

jenn9075 2011-04-21 21:34:59 -0500 Report

definatly sounds like neuropathy I had big time problems with it I noticed the more sharp your sugars are 90-120 I have less problems I am on a pump so it makes it alot better to keep it so tight but I do notice that has helped I was on topamax for yrs and no I am off it and not to many problems now if I keep the sugars tight gl I know it can be painfull and frustrating

digitaldoorbell 2011-04-21 21:19:34 -0500 Report

As others have suggested here, and as someone who shares the symptoms and diagnosis, it does sound like neuropathy. I take over-the-counter R-alpha lipoic acid. It makes it manageable, is reasonably inexpensive and keeps me off of pain killers with harsh side effects.

I wish you the best…give it a try. Takes a few days to start working. It is a water and fat soluble antioxidant. I highhy recommend it.

GabbyPA 2011-04-22 22:45:29 -0500 Report

I have been using Alpha Lipoic Acid for two months and that does help a LOT. I am sleeping through the night most nights now and if I am waking up, I just put on some balm and they calm down and I go back to sleep.

Dixiemom 2011-04-21 21:11:10 -0500 Report

Sounds like diabetic neuropathy to me. Tingling, burning sand pain are all part of it. Perhaps a clinic can help. You need a neurologist but once on SS you should get help.

GabbyPA 2011-04-19 08:06:53 -0500 Report

Do you have a doctor for your diabetes? I would start there and explain what is going on. It sounds like your sugar levels are affecting your nerves. Talk to your doctor and see what they recommend. I had to eventually go to my podiatrist to get a real diagnosis.

ladyybugg 2011-04-19 14:24:14 -0500 Report

I don't have a Dr. Social Security is pending. No medical Insurance. Been going to ER. Do u know of any services that could help me?

GabbyPA 2011-04-20 11:11:26 -0500 Report

Talk to the hospital that you go to and ask them about their free programs. They will then hopefully hook you up with a clinic that is in the system. That is how I found my clinic. I pay on a sliding scale based on our income.

Or you can go to the health department if you have a very low income. I could not qualify for the health department unless I had a communal disease. Last time I checked, diabetes doesn't qualify for that. LOL But seriously, that may be a route you can take in the gap time for now.

You have to do some research and check things out. It took me a few months to find the lead that got me to the clinic, but it really is a god send. I am still uninsured and I work what ever odd jobs I can to make ends meet. So I needed something that I could afford. My labs are $5 and my doctor visits are $10.

ladyybugg 2011-04-20 23:27:14 -0500 Report

Hey Gabby, really appreciate you talking to me. I will try that. I believe I have nueropathy also. I hear thats also apart of diabetes. Thx.

GabbyPA 2011-04-21 20:49:11 -0500 Report

Tingly toes is what made me check my blood sugar myself.
I was shocked to see it so high, but I knew that foot issues were a symptom. Glad I checked and didn't let it keep going. You are doing the right thing. I was 9 months without a doctor or meds. This site is what guided me along with some friends and other things. But this site gave me most of my information. I hope it will help you too.

Maui wisper
Maui wisper 2011-04-22 23:00:38 -0500 Report

There must be a helth center you can go to . Please Please look in your phone book. If you find one , Please make a appintment or just walk in.

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