What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail? ~Robert Frost~

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Most of us have to been busy surviving, dealing with what life has thrown at us.

This quote gave me an escape from all that…My answer is Time travel!!!

To see the planet before there were cities..watch them being built. See anyone in the past or future. The endless possibilities!!!

What would you choose to do???

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kitcarson 2011-04-22 08:12:22 -0500 Report

i want a cure for for diabetes and for aids so many of my friends have been lost to this thing i know i will never see it happen in my life time but i can still hope and my daughters illness which is brain damage .

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1cookie :) 2011-04-22 10:51:30 -0500 Report

That is a beautiful ambition..I hope that genitic research might be helpful..but it seems that mutations in bacteria are happening faster than mans ability to make antibiotics to help.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-04-21 10:19:49 -0500 Report

Part of the "fun" of what I do in the real world, is knowing that when I start this task, I can succeed or fail. Sicky that I am, I enjoy that. I enjoy thinking through the project and seeing how many possibilities I have for success and how many ways I figure it might fail. When I fail, I face another project, figuring out why and learning from it. The stuff I have learned from failure seems to stick with me longer than the stuff I gleaned from my successes. As I get older, I find my ability to mentally navigate these possibilities is becoming more difficult. So, for as long as I can, I will continue.

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1cookie :) 2011-04-21 10:48:05 -0500 Report

I think a quote from ~Colin Powel~ is the best way I could respond to your post..

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, [and] learning from failure.

Which is just about what you've stated. :)

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-04-21 10:49:48 -0500 Report

I always admired that man (until he supported Obama!) Actually, I don't think we had any good choices the last time around.

kittenpurr1 2011-04-21 10:05:18 -0500 Report

Not watch people be copy cats, or be in some competion to set out to beat every one at every thing. Life isn't about that, one should treat peope fair, and to see they are not using them, like a vampire; sucking all the life out of them. To have some compassion for others, to be able not to sit back and watch someone who claimed to not know anything about something, and once they were taught by someone else, they take all the time and energy away from someone, and make it look like they know every thing. We only get one chance at life, and viewing someone take advantage of sooo many people, for their own benefit. Do unto others' as you would have them treat you.

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1cookie :) 2011-04-21 10:55:58 -0500 Report

I can see that you are hurt..and that is a sad thing.

To quote ~Tom Peters~

Life is pretty simple: You do stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else.

Sidehack 2011-04-19 17:37:06 -0500 Report

I would pack my bags and go with you!!!!! The people I would meet…Jack Kerouac…Alan Ginsburg…J.D. Salinger… the list could be endless! Thanx for opening that door!

kdroberts 2011-04-19 09:09:10 -0500 Report

Interesting answers, I'm curious why no-one has thought of curing diabetes, or even all chronic and debilitating illnesses!

GabbyPA 2011-04-19 08:10:13 -0500 Report

What a cool idea! For me, I would travel around the world on horseback or by foot. I would pack across the mountains, sail the seas and explore all the islands. There are so many incredible things in our earth that I would love to experience. Shoot, I might even try bungee jumping. LOL I have been blessed to see a lot, but there is so much more to see.

1cookie :)
1cookie :) 2011-04-19 08:13:18 -0500 Report

I'm glad you have had the opportunity to expiriece all that you have..I was married 18. Mother 19…hurt bad @ 26 w/ 2 kids..and been over worked 6 days/ week for 17 yrs…Thanks for sharing

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