So Frustrated ready to throw the towel in!

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Ok so i have been a diabetic now for almost four years the first couple years i could have cared less; didn't care weather i lived or died. My medications for my mental issues were out of wack and life was dealing me a bad hand. I didn't eat right though i did take the metformin the docter put me on but never tested or anything my a1c1 was useally around a 5 when i went in for that test. well they got my mood meds fixed and i started feeling better in that department but it was too late by them i had developed neuropothy in both my feet. I did it to myself i know. but now that i am somewhat stable i realize i don't want to die i test three to four times a day i see my doc atleast twice a month i finally have medical coverage so i am seeing specialst for my diabetes and feet I take ten of byetta twice daily 30 novalog mix 70/30 twice a day and glipizide xl 10mg twice a day i eat right and my sugars are fasting useally 199 -220 and after meals two hours after BTW 340- 400 I drink a lot of water about four 32oz glasses a day. when im not drinking water in drinking sugar free stuff like crystal light and homemade ice tea with sweetner. I cant exercise at the moment as i have damaged my knee vey badly i have a large tear in the cartlidge in the back of the knee a small tear in the front of the knee and a signifacant amount of psoriactic arthritis in the knee; in fact no doc's around me will operrate tomarrow i have to goto the cleveland clinic which is over an hour from me to see if they will help me and do the surgery that i need i can't stand or walk hardly at all for more then a few min. then i have degenerative joint disease and degenertive disc disease as well as six herniated disc, that causes alot of pain. I am in pain managment and on narcotic pain killers but i still am in no shape to exercise. Im extremely overweight i weigh 350lbs i have been like this all my life with my weight. And i have an under active thyroid too boot. then i also have PCOS Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome it causes females to be overweight as well. I just have no idea how im going to get my sugar under control and lose weight but im ready to give up i sit alone crying cause i see my life flashing before my eyes and i see my self diying at a youn age im only 33 soon to be 34. my docs are doing there best but now its up too me the only way i can get my sugar diwn is to eat straight protiens MEAT and to be honest i can't aford that. Im on disabilty so is my mom togather we barley make ends meet we get 240.00 a month for food and that barely makes it the first few weeks of the month if we buy healthy like wqe should. we might get a good weeks worth if we were to buy the foods that we are suppose to eat and eat three meals aday as it is i eat twice a day breakfest and dinner sometimes i eat a sandwhich for lunch but not often. can anyone advise me on somethings i can try im scared almost terrified.

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jayabee52 2011-04-18 00:49:56 -0500 Report

Oh Stacey i cried when I read your post here. It tears my heart out that you have suffered what you have suffered and are suffering. You seem to know that you messed up so I won't "pile on". What I write may seem a little like criticism, but is not intended to be so taken.

You mention straight portions of meat. Eating just protein alone is extremely hard on your kidneys. You need to eat vegetables too for other nutrients that meat doesn't have. As far as food purchases are concerned, perhaps you might find a news article I posted on DC a bit ago it's "Quick guide for grocery shopping with Diabetes" Here's the link: . And here is a discussion which may or may not help you stretch your grocery budget:
Another thought, churches and other charitable organizations have food pantries. You do have to pick and choose among good and not-so-good foods in places like that, but it may be useful in supplimenting your food budget.

You say "buying healthy as we should". When I was first Dx'd I tried to eat "healthy" too. I really didn't understand what was healthy for me then. I thought rice cakes were healthy because they were "Light" and not heavy like cake or pie. I really didn't understand carbs and how they worked. When I told my Dr about my "healthy" eating habits he about flipped. He told me to stop eating that, but I didn't really understand why. I also had problems with portion control. Once I ate minimum carb foods and didn't go over the portion size I was allowed, my weight stabilized and went down slowly. I gained it over a few years (I've been "husky" or "stout" from my childhood), It will come off slowly too. I just had to be patient — and work at it. I am by no means slim. I'm still a bit stout but I am working on it.

I would like to hear what you consider a "healthy" eating plan (I don't like the word "diet").

I can say a lot more here, but this is already getting fairly long and I'm geting tired.

I pray that you will find comfort and emotional peace as you work on yourself.

Praying God's richest blessings on you and yours!


Hopieland 2011-04-17 23:47:08 -0500 Report

Hi. Glad you're here. Now that you mood meds are kicking in, and you ready to move ahead, you are in a great position to bring good changes in managing you D. You'll find we all struggle with various foods, moods, hitches and glitches w/D, but we help each other. Harlan brings up a good question: how many carbs do you eat a day? If you are overweight, that contributes to high BG #'s (blood glucose numbers) and many heavy hitter meds will put weight on most people. Meat has no carbs, and does provide a good measure of protein, but meat is not the only good source protein. Some small changes may help more than you might imagine. As long as I count carbs, keeping my meals to 45 carbs and snacks to 15 carbs, I lose weight and my #'s drop considerably. Soy milk on cereal for instance is great for protein and tastes good. Switching from milk it took me a few days to get used to the soy milk. Now I like it better than milk. I just found Silk (brand name) makes a soy coffee creamer, too. Reading food labels helps. Watch for high sodium, high carbs and high fat content. Veggies have no carbs. You may consider visiting a nutritionist (your Doc can refer you to one at your local hospital. Counting carbs is so much simpler and easier than calories. You can eat almost anything as long as you limit or eliminate portions of high carb foods. A caring nutritionist may be able to help you find a balance between what you eat and all the meds you're taking. You are young enough you can turn this around in time. Stress is a huge contributor to high BG #'s. I understand your being afraid. D can be scary, especially at first. Neuropathy can be treated, and there is lots of help here at DC. YOU CAN WIN THIS FIGHT. As others see your post, they'll be able to share their ideas and what has worked for them. I like your Care Bare. Be kind to yourself. You've already begun to fight to improve your quality of life…stay with it. Your honesty here is a HUGE first step toward getting a handle on some things to help yourself. I'll check back with you soon. Hugs.

Harlen 2011-04-17 22:39:59 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
I am so sorry that your going thrue this .
How menny carbs are you taking in a day ????
Bread is bad for us try to keep from eating much of it .
As for the cast of meds I know how that is I dropped 15,000 last year
And that was with what they call good ins.
We eat three times a day to even out the food intake and keep the spikes low
I hope this helps a little
Best wishes

harleysmomma2340 2011-04-18 17:18:33 -0500 Report

Actually i found carb counting so dang confussing my diabetes doc. went through my granparents charts and pulled out copies of the exchange diets the 1200 calorie ones i've been following that to a T. I got some hope today. Even though i went to the cleveland clinic for my knee they refreed me to there weght management department; granted they are one of the number one hospials in my area for bariatric surgery that is not all they do and the doc feels they may be able to help me without surgical means. so that gives me some hope. just got home from the cleveland clinic after being there all day im exhausted. I will check out those links in a little while just took a pain pill and need to rest the brace they put me in seems to make my leg hurt worse but im suppose to wear it all day :(