Vitamin letter K

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Hey to all. As noted from other posts, I am a big fan of donating blood, as a part of giving back to others. A side affect of the giving process is that they use some rather large gauge needles to collect the blood, and over time, the repeated puncture wounds form scar tissue at the penetration site.
The last time I tried to donate, the scar tissue was so bad, they were unable to find a site with a flow good enough to allow the return flow needed for the automated collection process called apheressis (sp). (in this case, they were collecting platelets which are the nutrition carrying part of whole blood)
All I could do was donate whole blood, which is good, but one can only donate once in 8 weeks, while with the platelets, one can return for another donation in only two weeks.
The donation center tech suggested that I could try using vitamin K to soften up the hardened scar tissue in my veins.
I have never heard of such a thing, and was curious if anyone else here has, and more importantly, is it's use safe for someone with type 2 diabetes.
Pardon my ignorance on the topic, but I am curious, and would like to use it, if it will in fact allow me to keep donating blood.

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